Minimalized business sense, necessary matching to work and commute


For many office workers, from time to time, many formal occasions are needed, so the daily business sense must not be less!

However, many traditional business senses are concerned, because the version tightness and the nature of the fabric have no bullets, it will feel very restrained after putting it on.


Today, the 3 sets of minimalist business feel brought by the editor,


Loose version and comfortable fabric

Let you rest in a trace of rest when you are busy at work ~

01 Black stand -up neck shirt with black straight suit pants


Simple and advanced black combinations directly enhance our matching texture. Farewell to the tight version, choosing a loose shirt may not be more picky.

Choosing pants with straight cylindrical suit pants, simple and favorable shape combination, will make the matching very high -level and durable!

Finally, the metal watches and accessories are used for embellishment, and the high -end business dress is displayed in it!

02 meters white POLO shirt with wide -leg jeans

The single product with a sense of business+denim will make the business sense more casual.

On the top, choose a beige retro POLO shirt. The neckline position to cancel the buttons. The fabric with a certain elasticity will be more comfortable.


The pants are paired with dark blue denim suit pants, and immediately highlight the sharp -degree shoes of business sense with white shoes or leather shoes ~

03 Light blue shirt with brown suit pants

Light blue shirts are also common in a lot of business, which will be more young and more energetic than white shirts.

At the same time, you can directly create a long -sleeved shirt to create the effect of five -point sleeves, which reflects the sense of capacity of the workplace.

Then use color matching combinations, pants to choose dark brown suit pants, clever color matching combination, and change the traditional business sense dressing model, which will make people look full of taste!