Is the “water wave furnace” that is popular in Japan? I really want to buy it, I suggest you choose this way


The people are eating as the sky. In the most primitive desires of human beings, the desire of the appetite is particularly important. In order to make delicious food, people have developed waves of cooking tools through scientific and technological innovation. Take the water wave furnace, it can make healthy food, which is popular with Japanese users. Many domestic foodists are also attracted by its “cooking method”.

So, what is the new species of the water wave furnace, is it easy to use, how much is it? What are the advantages of steaming grilled machine? Is it worth buying?

Why can the water wave furnace make the domestic cuisine frequently grow crazy on Xiaohongshu? Next, the author will be confused for you one by one to recognize such products.

What is the water wave furnace and the price of the price?

The water wave furnace was born in Japan, and it is rare in China.

The first water wave furnace was born in 2004. It was released and registered by Sharp. Other Japanese brands followed up. Due to patent issues, only Sharp can be called a water wave furnace

And other brands can only be called “overheated water steaming 気 オ ー ブ ン” (translated by translation, overheating water steam oven), in fact, the working principle is the same.

The water wave furnace uses ultra -high temperature water vapor to cook foods, which can achieve a variety of effects such as fried, frying, baking, and frying. It can be said that it is a compound enhanced version of the microwave oven+oven+steaming box+air fried pot.

Industry people simply understand the cooking method of the water wave furnace as “baked”, because the temperature has exceeded 100 ° C, which can cooked food in a short time.

Excessive water vapor will penetrate inside the ingredients. Under the influence of temperature difference between inside and outside, excess fat is forced to effectively reduce the calories. Many Japanese consumers think that the water wave furnace brings a healthier cooking method.

For consumers who like to eat fried foods and are afraid of affecting health, cooking with a water wave furnace,

It can make the surface of the food form a crispy surface, lock the water inside the food, and achieve the fragrant effect and taste of ordinary fried foods.

It not only meets the user’s appetite, not so much calories.

Public data shows that the mainstream water wave furnaces in Japan are equivalent to about RMB 6,000-7000, and the price of domestic consumers purchased by 5000-6000 yuan. The price of imported water wave furnaces in China ranges from 2999 to 16999 yuan. The price of hot-selling products is between 6000-7000 yuan.

At present, the water wave furnace has a relatively mature development and sales system in the Japanese market, and the products have also been updated many generations, which are popular with Japanese consumers. Water wave furnaces have entered the Chinese market late, and there are very few brands. Many consumers do not understand the water wave furnace.

What are the mainstream water wave furnace brands?

Since the birth of the water wave furnace, products have popularized in the Japanese consumer market with a faster consumer market. At present, most of the brands producing water wave furnaces are Japanese manufacturers. Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Panasonic are the main forces to promote product development. In the country, the author found that only beauty is followed up.

Sharp: The world’s first water wave furnace is AX-HC1 released by Sharp in 2004

Subsequently, the “water wave furnace” related trademarks were also registered by Sharp, so the real water wave furnace in the narrow sense was only Sharp. At present, the Sharp Water Board has not entered the domestic market. Even if consumers cannot buy the water wave furnace even if they are on the official website of Sharp, they can only buy. Its water wave furnace has been updated for several generations, but it has never made a 220V voltage version.

Hitachi: Among the first batch of water wave furnace products released by Hitachi, the flagship is MRO-AX10.


The product has a capacity of 33L, and the addition of overheated water vapor is combined with the positioning of the weight system and the top heater of the flat -plate type in combination with the era of electric ovens, integrating microwave functions. In China, consumers can buy Hitachi’s overheated water steaming オ ー ブ ン, but there is only one product, which is priced at about 6999 yuan -7259 yuan.

Toshiba: Toshiba’s first water wave furnace product model is ED-D350

The power is 1200W, which can produce 24ml of vapor volume per minute, and even surpass the Sharp products at that time. In order to distinguish other products, the water wave furnace owned by Toshiba changed its name, called “stone kiln cooking furnace”. The author searched for “Toshiba Water Purnace” in About 40 products were on sale. It seems that Toshiba wants to eat “crabs” in the Chinese market. However, the product price is 5617 yuan -19999 yuan. It ’s hard to open the market.

Panasonic: The first water wave furnace product developed by Panasonic is NE-SV30HA

It can provide up to 320 ° C with overheated water vapor. At such a high temperature, you can make the roasted flavor of stone kiln. Panasonic water wave furnace has been registered in the domestic market. Users can search for “Panasonic Water Waves” in JD, and can find a lot of products. Its product price is not cheap, with a minimum price of 3499 yuan and a maximum price of 24009 yuan.

Midea: In 2017, Midea released a steam cube (water wave furnace) X7-321D

, The product has a large number of cloud recipes, which is convenient for users to cook. The price of the product is 2599 yuan. For consumers, if you want to try the fresh water, this may be the most cost -effective product.


At present, only Toshiba actively promotes the water wave furnace in China, and Panasonic and Hitachi just follow up. There is no water wave furnace in China for sale in China. Consumers want to buy a Xia Pu Shuiwater Blade and need to find someone to buy.

The difference between water wave furnace and steamed grilled machine

At present, the mainstream products are steamed and grilled all -in -one in domestic kitchen appliances. What are the differences between them compared with the water wave furnace?

From the temperature point of view,

Most of the steam steaming machines produced by traditional households are below 100 degrees. A few high -end products can produce 120 degrees of steam. The water wave furnace can increase the temperature of the water vapor to 300-400 degrees. This ultra-high temperature water vapor can bring the effect and taste of fried food.

From a functional point of view,

The function of the water wave furnace and steaming grilled machine looks very similar, and can achieve three cooking methods: micro, steamed, and roasting. However, the water wave furnace is mainly “microwave heating, supplemented by steaming roasted”; steaming grilled machines are mainly “steaming roasting, supplemented by microwave”. They are a bit different in cooking effects. For example, steamed fish, steamed fish made by the water wave furnace, the surface of the fish skin is slightly burnt, and the water is relatively small; the steamed grilled machine steamed fish, the fish is soft and glutinous, and it looks more moist.

Steaming and baking all -functional integration of microwave ovens, steaming boxes, ovens, air fried pots, disinfection cabinets, etc., have the characteristics of saving space, high cooking efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation and other characteristics

The more accurate the temperature control of these products, the better the quality.

The water wave furnace combines the four functions of microwave ovens, ovens, air frying pots, and steaming boxes. The operation is simple.

However, it also has insufficiency, that is, the high temperature steam itself is relatively lower than the heat capacity. Although the temperature is high, the total calories that can be passed are not much. For more ingredients, it is heated at the same time, which is a waste of time.

In order to improve the efficiency, most of the water wave furnaces have built -in microwave and halogen heating pipes, and high -temperature water vapor, microwave, and heating pipe baking collaborative work.

From the perspective,

The price of water wave furnaces sold in the domestic e-commerce platform ranges from 30,000 yuan to 200 million yuan. The price of hot-selling products is between 6,000 yuan and 7,000 yuan; The product is around 3,000 yuan.

For the water wave furnace, consumers may think it is still a fresh thing. Compared with steamed baked machines, the price of water wave furnaces is higher, and cooking efficiency and energy saving need to be improved. However, as an emerging kitchen electrical category, it is also good to know more about new products.

The price is high, the water wave furnace value is not worth buying


The water wave furnace can increase the temperature of the water vapor to 300-400 degrees. This ultra-high-temperature water vapor can bring a different cooking effect from ordinary steaming and baked machines.

The biggest feature of the water wave furnace is to use “overheating water vapor technology” to healthy cooking ingredients, which can bring new cooking methods to consumers.

Among them, water wave furnace


Water wave (overheated water vapor) function, similar to high temperature “baked”

Essence Microwave function can heat, cook, thaw, ferment, etc. In addition to baking ingredients, the baking function can also produce fried effects. The pure vapor function can be used for ordinary cooking, fermentation, etc.

Water wave furnace advantage

First of all, the water wave furnace is fast and the cooking method is healthy.

Excessive water vapor is suitable for healthy diet, especially users who focus on low -fat foods.

Second, one machine is multi

After iterative upgrades, the water wave furnace has evolved into a multi -functional cooking furnace with steaming boiled. Some products also have functions such as disinfection cabinets, dried fruit machines, polyshi furnaces, air fried, and stewed cookers.

Third, the product is highly sealing

Food can avoid the process of food oxidation during cooking.

Insufficient water wave furnace

First of all, the water wave furnace is mostly designed, and the product is relatively heavy. It is recommended to use it in a fixed position

, Will not take up too much countertop space.

Secondly, the pure steam function is weak.

Although it implements functional integration, there is room for improvement in individual functional experience. For example, the pure steaming function that has been criticized. Due to the restrictions of the water tank volume, the general model of water wave furnace will supplement microwave heating. Many products are recommended to use distilled water to prohibit the use of mineral water.

Again, the price is high

Compared with kitchen appliances such as steamed roasting machines, the average price of water wave furnaces is much higher.

Finally, the user uses the product to cook food. The cooling speed of the inside of the water wave furnace and the door handle is relatively slow, and there are hidden safety hazards

Pay attention to the anti -scalding when the user is switched and switching the water wave furnace door.

At the end

In general, the water wave furnace has its own advantages and deficiencies, which is a kind of emerging kitchen electricity. However, its price is not cheap. Because the water wave furnace is still in the promotion period, the product types are limited, and the after -sales service is still follow -up.

For ordinary consumers, it is not recommended to start with water wave furnaces for the time being.

Buying it is better to look at the functions, prices and after -sales sale.

For consumers without economic pressure, you can try your best

, But starting with a product of about 5,000 yuan is enough.