Which is better on the sofa bed and tatami, the woodworking master to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two


When choosing furniture in the new house decoration, some families are tangled with choosing sofa beds and tatami? Let’s help you analyze it in detail.

The advantages and disadvantages of stepping on the rice platform

There are many advantages of stepping on the rice platform, mainly the following points:

1. Economic and multi -function. It has a variety of functions such as bed, carpet, stool, chair, or sofa.

2. Effectively use of house space. Save bed, sofa, stool chairs, etc.

3. Visually create a harmonious space atmosphere, making the family more warm and comfortable.

4. It is beneficial to the body, the grass aroma emitted by the tatami makes people refreshing.

The disadvantage of stepping rice is:

1. Poor breathability. So often turn on the transparent wind. Prevent moldy lice.

2. Not convenient to move. Tatami is mostly based on the customization of room, so most of them cannot move. If you need to move, you can only remove it, but the disassembly does not affect the overall room, it is just troublesome.

3. The price is more expensive than the finished bed. Tatami beds are mostly customized according to their own units. If the quality of tatami with very good quality is generally more expensive.

The advantages of the sofa bed are also a lot. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Fashion and novel sofa bed

The sofa bed sounds high -level and novel than ordinary beds. It can be folded and contracted visual and operating experience, giving family more urban experiences.


2. Sofa bed saving space

This should be the biggest advantage of the sofa bed, and it is also the starting point of design. For small units, the sofa bed is too suitable, which can effectively use space. When you do n’t sleep, put the bed in the bed to make the room brighter.

3. Sofa beds are soft and comfortable

The sofa bed does not have the hard feeling of ordinary hard board beds, which is relatively softer and comfortable. For those who are accustomed to Xi Mengshi, the feelings of the sofa bed are more consistent.

The disadvantages of the sofa bed are:

1. Long -term telescopic affect the service life

Most of the sofa beds are pulled by device. However, if the bed is used for a long time or daily, it will be fatal damage for the bracket contact part, which will greatly reduce the service life of the invisible sofa bed.

2. Affect growth and development

Instead of bone growth and development, especially for spine, it is recommended not to sleep in children. And some people sleep soft beds or dreams, even nightmares.

How to choose furniture that suits your home


Whether it is stepping rice or a sofa bed, there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you still have to combine the actual situation of your family. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Utilize according to space

The choice of furniture must consider the family space planning. Under the premise of selecting furniture functions, maximizing the use of family space will make the home environment more open and livable.


2. Consider family preferences


After all, it is a furniture to be used for a long time, so you must consider whether you like it. When I heard that others say that stepping on rice, the result is not pleasing to the eye, it affects the actual experience.


3. Consider practicality

The advantages and disadvantages of stepping rice and sofa beds are different, so you must choose according to the actual use habits of the family. Consider whether they like their advantages, whether the disadvantages can be acceptable, and make a suitable decision.