Red Handin Love


Orchids want to develop a corridor in the county seat. A store on the county street is more expensive than one. None of them can afford it. I had to rent an old hair salon in the back street. In addition to the “hair salon” written on the outside wall of the door, there was a red handprint with a five -finger -opened finger, and asked the landlord to print the dirty hand to the wall.

Aunt Xu said that the old hair salon was originally called the “Red Handin” hair salon. This red handprint was the original hair salon girl instead of the store name on the handprint. The orchid admired the predecessor, so he left the word gallery and the red handprints.

The “red handprint” hair salon was reopened in the sound of firecrackers.

With excellent craftsmanship and enthusiastic services, the orchid business is very popular, so I am busy with my buttocks all day.

One night more than a month later, the orchid sent the last customer away, and was about to close the door. Suddenly, a handsome guy who had thick eyebrows, tall figures, and bleed his head. She thought it was a haircut, and enthusiastically gave him into the room. The guy looked at her, looked at the house, and stared at the outer wall of the door.

Seeing his eyes cold, his face was gloomy, and his heart was cold: he had a mental illness? He couldn’t help scaring, and quickly closed the door. After more than half an hour, I couldn’t hear the movement outside the door, thinking that the young man was gone, looking out from the door seam, seeing his hands sitting under a street light pole with his knees, facing the hair salon, motionlessly moved motionlessly. Looking at.

Who is he? Orchids have nothing to sleep, and they look out from the door seams every other time. It wasn’t until 10 o’clock that he couldn’t see him.

I did not expect that from this day, the young man often came here at night, and each time he stared at the outer wall of the door for a while, and then sat down at the street light pole of tens of meters away. go. What did he do? Orchid wanted to call the police, but he couldn’t see any bad motivation. Without calling the police, I always feel that I live in a potential danger, and I feel uneasy.

That night, the young man came again, as before, staring at the outer wall of the door for a while, and then sitting down at the street light pole of dozens of meters away. What is this person


What about it? She suddenly thought that the young man might be in love with herself, hurting his acacia, and could not help but be heartbeat. Although I was constantly being pursued by the young man, no one was as deep and persistent as this boy. She thought, if this guy is honest and kind, maybe you are decent, maybe …..

The orchid was thinking about happiness, and suddenly I felt that there was a smoke in the house. When I turned around, the gas stove with the rice was burning, and the plastic tao rice was burning. The urgency was fierce, Tao Miji was allocated to the bed, and the quilt sheets were immediately burned.

When she saw the break, she ran to the door and shouted the fire. The young man immediately withdrew his leg and rushed into the room and took off his coat and quickly shook the fire. Unexpectedly, the fire tongue rushed to the ceiling, and in a blink of an eye burn the ceiling. Fortunately, at this time, the neighbors rushed to a house, and everyone worked together and finally extinguished the fire, but there was nothing intact in the house. After people scattered, orchids were crying and crying sadly.

The young man didn’t leave, he walked into the room and said to the orchid who was still crying, “Don’t cry, think about how to repair it.” Orchid said, “What repair? I just made a debt for a few months. “” What do you want to do? “” What else can you do? Only check out. “The young man immediately said:” Can’t close the door and check out, I will borrow it for you to help you, how much borrowing is missing, how much borrowing is missing, and how much borrowing is missing, how much borrowing How many.”

Orchids don’t believe in my ears: “You … do you borrow it for me?” “Why do you borrow it for me?” “I want you to open the hair salon.” “Why do you want me to open the hair salon?” ” … Why do you ask so much! “The young man blushed. Lanhua was happy, she thought, she wanted to help me for no reason. But he was hiding again and dare not say it. It was really interesting.

Orchid believes that the water is coming, and I don’t want to be difficult for him, so I said to him, “I can accept your help, but you have to tell me who you are, I don’t know you yet!” The guy hesitated to say that his name was Axiong, it was the book, it was the book, it was the book. Tailoring of a city -made clothing company. Then how much money to borrow from orchid, orchid thought about it. It was enough to say that there were 8,000 yuan.

After Axiong left, orchid had a sweet feeling in her heart. She knew that it was a loved taste. Early the next morning, Axiong sent 8,000 yuan to come, and orchids found someone to repair the hair salon.

During the restoration, Axiong often came here at night, and still looked at the outside wall of the door first, then sat down under the street light pole, and he didn’t talk much to orchids. It was still cold and gloomy. Ten days later, the hair salon was restored. Axiong is still here, and his manners and expressions are no different from the past. Lan Hua murmured again: Everything shows that he deeply loves me, why is this virtue?

After thinking about it for a long time, she wanted to understand that love is a layered window paper. Although it is broken a little bit, some people just do it, but there is no courage to break. Axiong is such a person. Well, you dare not order, I come. She feels that Axiong is honest, kind and simple, and is a good man who is difficult to find in the world. She doesn’t want to miss it.

That night, she took the initiative to come to Axiong’s street light pole to say to him: “Axiong, through so many days of getting along, I know you help me because you like me, but you are embarrassed to say it. Since the hair salon is on fire, I think you are a good boy. From today, let’s live a good life.

Don’t sit here anymore, I have seen it and feel so uncomfortable. Come to my shop, let’s live happily! “She thought that she would get a warm response from Axiong, but Axiong said coldly to her: “Sorry, you said wrong, I have never loved you, I have a girlfriend. “Orchid was shocked:” You have a girlfriend? You never love me? Then why do you come here every day, why do you help me fix the hair salon? “Axiong thought,” I am for my Afang. “

The “red handprint” hair salon was originally opened by Axiong’s girlfriend A Fang. Afang originally worked with him as a sewing worker in a company. Due to the low salary, he insisted on resigning to learn hairdressing. Later, he opened the “red handprint” hair salon.

The hair salon was booming, but she suddenly closed the hair salon a few months ago, leaving a letter to Axiong, saying that she had fallen in love with a man in a foreign country. It’s right. Axiong took a leave to go to the surrounding cities for more than two months and did not see her. After returning, she often came to see the red handprint on the outer wall of the hair gallery at night. This red fingerprint is Afang’s fingerprint. When he sees the fingerprint, it is like A Fang.

The reason why he helped the orchid to repair the hair salon was that he was rented by others when the hair salon was leased. The red handprints left on the outside wall of the door would be brushed with powder. It turned out to be like this. Orchid

Cut it all. She was very disappointed, but Axiong’s infatuation of Afang was very moved. She felt that there was such a man today with a fantastic desire, which was too valuable, but unfortunately such a good man was deceived by Afang.

She has persuaded Axiong with hope; “Afang has been breaking up with you for so long. She has clearly understood that Bai belongs to others. “I am stupid, and I don’t believe she will fall in love with others suddenly!” Orchid tears grievantly.

One afternoon, there was a girl with a double -turn gallery at the door of the hair salon. As soon as he got here, he stared at the red handprint on the outside of the door. When the orchid saw her missing her right leg, her face was pale, so she moved her chair and asked her to sit. She looked at her eyes and suddenly tears. The orchid asked her what was sad. She said that the “red handprint” hair salon was originally opened. The red handprint on the wall was on her right handprint. The orchid was shocked: “Are you Afang?” She nodded.

Orchid suddenly changed his face: “Why do you see that you have moved to leave Axiong and marry others?” “Do you know Axiong?” “Of course.” Orchid then told Afang about the situation where Axiong often looked at the red handprint at night, she, she, she Asked who Afang was married, Afang cried, crying and said, “What am I marrying? I found out that I had bone cancer and I was amputated. I was afraid that I would leave him in the future.

His father was paralyzed on the bed, and he was serving the disabled mother with one hand. In the future, his mother would be served when he was old. He didn’t give him too much pressure! “” So! ” The orchid was moved, and then asked: “Your illness is now like?” Lanhua said with tears: “It’s late. After seeing the legs in the provincial hospital, the cancer cells have spread, and there are not many days!”

The orchid tears flowed down. She asked Afang: “You don’t want to see Axiong? He is still waiting for you with his heart!” A Fang shook his head and said that he didn’t want to see him, so he wanted to see him. This was a place for her to give her a good dream. She will definitely open the hair salon and make money to buy a house to marry Axiong. Orchids stayed here for a few days, helping her out of ideas, and driving the hair salon better.

Afang was unwilling, but asked Axiong to come recently. Orchid knew that she didn’t want to be seen by Axiong. He lied that he hadn’t come for a few days and would not come again. Afang promised to stay.

That night, Axiong came here again. As soon as I arrived at the door, I was dragged into the house by orchid: “Who are you looking at the house?” Axiong saw “Afang!” Then he rushed over. Seeing that it was Axiong, he quickly hid “I am not A Fang, you confessed wrong.” Axiong held her indifferently: “You are my Afang!” Afang cried in his arms out of his loud voice.

In the room, Afang told his misfortune while crying, and Axiong continued to tell his acacia. The two cried again and again.

Outside the house, the orchid tears were like rain. Axiong will marry Afang as soon as possible, and let Afang go to the last journey on the red carpet of love, and Afang disagrees. Lanhua entered the house to help Ah Xiong persuade Afang, and wanted to set off the corridor as the cave of their two, so that Afang walked into the palace of marriage in his favorite place. Afang asked Axiong to promise her request. She found that orchids loved Axiong, so she asked Axiong to marry orchids after she left, and she would not get married without promising her. Axion nodded immediately.

The hair salon is stopped and the cave is arranged. The neighbors were moved by innocent love and came to help. On the day of the wedding, there are endless people who come to bless. On the night of the wedding, Afang laughed in Axiong’s arms.

After Afang left, Axiong often came to see the red handprints left by Afang at night. He still looked cold and gloomy, did not enter the hair salon, and did not talk more to orchids. Orchid thought, as long as there is a “red handprint”, he will come often. As long as he often comes, one day I will walk into his heart like A Fang.