Winter big scarfs won’t you put on? This set of “wearing coloring” mentality is super practical and learned.


Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.


The temperature is reduced and cold. In the cold winter day, everything is not as warm as the neck



Come real. Half -face and chin are buried in the warmth of the scarf. I have a full score for this sense of security.

Warm itself can always add points to the shape. Change a scarf, just like changing a mood and a surprise.

If you can prepare 7 big scarves of different colors and wear the same clothes for a week in a row, you will not feel bored. Do you feel that you make a big hair?

“But what I lack is not a scarf, it will not match it.” Luo Wei believes that you will blurt out. How should we treat this place where the neck is in the neck, add points to the image?

In this sharing, Luo Wei teaches you a set of “


Scarf matching mind

“, Solve your problems for you, resolve the scarf disturbance, and give it to the Wei friend who wears a scarf by the way.

The main contents of this issue include:

Clarify the idea of ​​the screws;


First: Clarify the idea of ​​matching

Many people will not match the scarf, mainly

Confused thinking


From the perspective of warmth, I feel that the color is OK. I never thought of the overall coordination problem. The result can be imagined.


What exactly is the correct matching idea of ​​a scarf? Please see the scene below:


Please determine the “



“, It can be clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoe bags, or style, or occasion, or dressing demands.


For example, when you go to work today, you need to wear it and stable. The overall color elegance is elegant and the style must be simple and capable. The selected scarf is best to echo the clothes to highlight the elegant and intellectual temperament.

So, the scarf must be


Smooth color


Same color

The best, it is best to have the difference in material conflict.

Or, these days are in a normal mood, I want to wear it


Bright and bright

Some, but you can’t show the whole body, yes, choose the pink scarf, but not shaken, but also cute and sweet.

Or, it’s almost the New Year, one new one is newly included



Coat, I haven’t worn it once! I want to wear it today and make it a king who wears it. What scarf should we show the redness of red?




Intersection The calm black black, the best enthusiasm for redness, injects a sense of advanced.


After determining the “king” that wearing a day, all the remaining selection and color matching must be carried out around “King”. Such a set of ideas,

The primary and secondary

The division of labor is clear, clear and clear, is it super simple?

After the idea is clear, the rest is the coordination balance between different items and accessories, which involves the scarf, nothing more than the following.

Second: practical matching method of screws


Scarf and shoe bags, hats, the same color system / smooth color


Regardless of the color of the clothes, as long as the scarf and shoe bag, hat and hat echo, it looks harmonious and orderly, enhance the overall beauty.


This is exactly the case of this set of Sanmu, but she cleverly allows the plaid pattern background color and


At the same time, the color is highly coordinated, and naturally it looks good.


When a dress is the same color, the scarf and other accessories are consistent, and


The effect at this time is the most amazing.


In the basic color clothes, choose a contrasting scarf or other accessories, so that the overall matching is clear and stunning.

Scarf + boots

In the same color, when the color of the whole body is too much, keep the accessories of the accessories, and obtain a high degree of coordination, so that the color is more and not cluttered, so that the wear is clear, like painting creation, forming an artistic beauty.


Scarf and top of the same color

Choose a scarf with the same color system as the coat to consolidate and strengthen the highlights. At this time, the scarf is a supporting role. Through the difference in material,

Make highlights

, Make the same color more colorful.

The scarf and coat are the same color. Although the high -level sense of the same color system is self -evident, the monotonous tediousness of the color is also obvious. Be sure to use fine color difference or luster of material


Create differences



The scarf is slightly brighter than the coat,

Giant color difference

, Create the biggest amazing effects in the same color system, coincidence without losing the atmosphere, jumping in calmness, eye -catching and high -level.


Advanced gray coat, with a thousand -bird checkered wool scarf, injects the classic retro flavor, strengthens the high -grade gray atmosphere, delicate black and white contrasting plaids, hidden intellectual and elegance.



Scarf and top contrast

The contrasting color is unwilling. Choose high saturation

Bright scarf

With plain clothes, highlighting the eye -catching and bright characteristics, making the shape more fashionable.


But the disadvantage is that it is stable and insufficient. But as long as it is fashionable, isn’t it?

There is a small color on the scarf


: A color in the scarf must echo the clothes, which is amazing and not lost.

The contrast, playing with the heartbeat, seemed to be unwilling, but had a premeditated conspiracy. Before choosing a scarf, you must measure the color of its clothes, even if there is only a little echo, it will not lose harmony.

Wearing a black dress, choose a blue black black scarf around the shoulders to consolidate the fashion, hold it firmly. This should be the most worthy of reference to wearing dark colors.

The color scarf in the following set is particularly clever. There is a scarf coloring


Due to the dye, it is exactly echoing the gray plaid coat, and the color and plain color are perfectly combined.

The above three are the most common combinations of scarves and clothes, of course, there must be more than that. Extending thinking,

Just echo the color of any place in the whole body

Just, such as pants, sweaters, accessories, jewelry, and so on.

Scarves with lack of style attributes, have a lot of plastic space. On the basis of mastering its basic matching ideas, you can play countless colors.


How to match and how to wear

All rely on you. I hope today’s sharing is a little helpful for you!


I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!