Essential men’s shirts: What are the basic shirts with good quality and high quality? Commute/dating


Shirts are the best in autumn and winter

A person who reflects a person’s texture and fashion grade,

Today, let’s talk about shirts,


According to the wearing occasions of men’s shirts,

Simply divided into


casual shirt


Business shirt.

Considering the actual dressing needs of most people in life,



Recommended casual shirts (business casual shirts) are mainly.

(Each shirt is also intimately attached to wear suggestions, don’t worry about buying it if you buy it)

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The most important shirt control, I think the most important thing of a shirt is:

Fabric, version, dressing, sense of wear,

And the stacking effect with other clothes,


According to years of experience, recommend shirts:

1. Light business shirt

Keywords: texture, leisure, basic model



“SSEAROAD Maritime Highway”

The must -have light business shirt must not be found than this!

Very standard slim -fitting version is very suitable for work.

A shirt, the most important thing is the version and fabric.

Select 100 high -density yarn fabrics, soft and delicate,

and also

Very high -level gloss and texture,

Whether it is a daily leisure single, or your expensive suit jacket,

They are all synonymous.


High -level fabric+slim -fitting version is a high -income group at first glance.


If you are already at work, you usually need to wear light cooked clothes,

This high -quality shirt is really good, it is worth buying!

2. Oxford Textiles and casual shirts


“Madden Gong”


Oxford spinning fabric has a unique rough texture,

Compared to orthodox shirt fabrics give people a kind of


A more casual and comfortable feeling.

This shirt, as early as the students of the University of Oxford in 1900,

The clothes designed and produced by themselves have later become exclusive to Oxford University.

That is what we are talking about “Oxford Textile shirts”.

As a basic model that is often worn, comfort is very important!

The fabric of this Oxford spinning shirt is made of hair,


Not only retains good -looking rough particle texture,


It also enhanced the baby -like soft touch,

Whenever you wear this dress, you can’t bear to take it off! Intersection

Oxford spinning noodle texture real shot

Simple and generous solid color style+slightly loose version,

Also determined that this is one

Very versatile, not picking shirt,

You can attend the formal occasion with a suit,

You can also wear a simple T -shirt

Work, date, and relax.

And Oxford spinning fabrics are moderate thickness,

Very suitable for spring

In the three seasons of autumn and winter, you can wear, inside or jacket.

The price of less than 100 yuan can be so good!

No matter how many shirts you have,

This basic shirt of Oxford Textiles,

It’s definitely worth you to place an order to buy it home again.

>>>> Dress suggestion

One of the classic popular wearing in early autumn,

It’s the stack of white T+shirt,

With a loose and casual straight pants, casual shoes,

Simple and beautiful, try it quickly ~~~


American retro heavy cotton white T -shirt+American retro water washing tannin straight jeans+Malande training shoes

3. Morandi color cotton shirt

Keywords: basic models, advanced colors

“Liberty Kostume”

Morandi shirt, gives a very comfortable

The first love of the elder brother next door.

And it is also famous for its own well

Ordinary boys just wear 80 points for dress,

It is a classic item that is worth more than a person.

Press alone,

The overall gives a refreshing comfort.

As a thin coat of autumn and winter, warm and temperament.


Shirt+knitted vest,

Popular dresses of this autumn and winter.

With a medium -long jacket, the gentleman’s gentleman warm man (righteousness)

If you don’t know how to choose the color that suits you,

The first choice for universal is not wrong

[Morandi color].

This low -saturated advanced gray,

The key is to wear a gentle and high -level texture!

For boys who don’t know how to wear,

Finally, you can buy your eyes closed,

It won’t be said to be ugly/Low/Low!


Fourth, American retro striped casual shirt


Keywords: basic model, cost -effective



Choosing a classic striped shirt is also a popular star product in the spring and autumn and winter.

Refreshing and clean color matching, plus a slightly loose silhouette,

This casual shirt is like a cup of jasmine tea,

It is refreshing and like the fragrance of flowers, very flattering!

On the fabric details,


The fine stripes are composed of bead -like needles,

It has more texture and fashionable beauty, avoiding the boring of programmer uniforms.

Fabric texture real shot

Coupled with the soft skin and skin -proof after grinding, the comfort is also available.

Want to wear a Japanese -style CityBoy style or casual comfort,

It is recommended that this shirt buy a size.

The upper body is eye -catching striped element+loose silhouette,

The pants are either the same CityBoy style,

Either a wild straight jeans

Five, pure cotton solid color shirt

Keywords: short, basic models


“Listening to the Wind”

Simple and clean solid color all -cotton shirt,

The fabric is thick, and it is more suitable as a coat,

It can be paired with a white T or sweater.

The big pocket design on both sides brings a different feeling to the whole shirt,

More casual, it is a basic model that can be worn and daily.

In addition, this shirt size is small enough,

A boy about 160cm fits M.

For boys who are not tall (below 172cm), the first goal of buying clothes is [significant high]

By the way, 180cm boys also have a strong demand for significant high demand,

It looks like our girl’s pursuit of thin and thin.

Significant three elements:

① The version is fit, don’t try all oversize and hip -hop wind

② Pinely tightly combined, tightly loose/upper pines (I person

③ Fitness (including weight loss shaping and muscle increase), the shoulders are naturally higher

About the recommended suggestions of short men,


You can tell me in the comment area,

I sort out another more detailed, practical and effective content.

Six, denim shirts

Keywords: classic models, good version


Denim shirt is one of the most classic versatile shirts,

Can be worn alone, inside or early autumn jackets.

The fabrics and versions of this BDCT denim shirt are very good.

The version is slightly loose, and the length is just right,

It will not seem procrastinating.

There are different designs on the left and right pockets,

Make this basic model an embellishment,


Whether it is single or coat, it is praised.

Denim shirt+jeans is a combination of always classic,


You can switch freely according to the style of jeans.

[Denim shirt+khaki casual pants],

Proper Japanese style, daily commuting is very acceptable.

[Denim shirt+retro wide -leg jeans],

A comfortable leisure style.

Seven, pure cotton solid color casual shirt

Keywords: medium long models, basic versatile

“PSO Brand”

This loose mid -length shirt, inside and coats are one of the preferred items in autumn and winter!

Recommended reasons also include the color is so beautiful!

Black, blue gray, khaki and dark pink that are available for boys and girls,


Especially khaki and dark pink,

Gives a warm, comfortable and peaceful feeling in autumn and winter!

I think as long as the skin is not dark or dark,


Try to try these two (khaki and dark pink)


It makes people feel very comfortable,

It looks good with the simplest white T -shirt.

The thick pure cotton sloping worker fabric, first -class texture,

Putting this warm shirt is really full of atmosphere ~

Eight, striped casual shirt

Keywords: refreshing and clean, youthful sense of youth

“Mr. Jiangnan”

A very refreshing, clean, comfortable striped shirt,

The fabric is soft and skin -friendly, with moderate thickness,

It can be worn alone or as a thin coat in autumn.


Because the color matching and style of this striped shirt,

Both belong to the basic model, with a white T or sweater,

By the way, I saw a boy [striped shirt+vest vest] before.

Especially beautiful! Intersection Intersection


In the autumn high days, try it.

There is basically no restriction on pants,

Straight jeans, cone pants, casual pants, and casual trousers are very beautiful.

Nine, retro corduroy casual shirts

Keywords: retro, autumn and winter popularity explosion

Cordonal velvet is a high popular item for autumn and winter,

The thick fabric is warm and textured, but also has a retro feeling.

Put on your body and look good!

The more this amber (ginger), the more beautiful, the more beautiful,

It’s too suitable for cold autumn and winter.

As a basic model that is often worn,

We need to choose a good texture and good version.

The fabric of this light -core shirt is particular,

300g heavy cotton, soft and delicate without hair removal, not afraid of poor quality.

Because the fabric is heavy, the version is better and wider,

It is a very simple and comfortable autumn and winter item.

High face value and good -matching light -core shirt, you can wear it casually, it looks good

[Cordy -core shirt+sweater+jeans], warm matching of late autumn and early winter


[Cordy -core shirt+white T -shirt/sweater], warm and clean, commute, daily daily

Ten, cashew fruit stitching casual shirt

Keywords: splicing design, loose

“Lu Xiaohu”

Very soft and close -out shirt,

Simple and clean solid color fabric+elbow water dripping waist fruit splicing design,

Even with the simplest white T -shirt,

It is also very good -looking in autumn and winter.

Although the printing is added, the overall style is still casual.

It belongs to a very good shirt,

【Shirt+white base】

It is impossible for everyone to step on the classic wear.

The warm blessing place in autumn and winter, the short T -shirt is best inside.

In the autumn and winter temperature, it is best to use thick and warm long sleeves inside

[Shirt+loose sweater],

Warm and beautiful, both student party and office workers can learn from


Eleven, stitching striped casual shirt

Keywords: youthful sense, high face value

“PSO Brand”

This stitching striped shirt, whether it is a version or color,


Still the overall design, the attracted boyfriend style at a glance!

Oxford spinning fabrics with a special texture with comfort and breathability,

Color matching and style design are refreshing and casual Japanese style,


This also determines that this shirt is very good.

Wear alone, inside or autumn coat,

This blue and white stitching shirt is good -looking,

Girls can’t help but want to wear couple money with you!

This shirt itself is a high -value Japanese style,


It is recommended to match the same style pants and casual shoes.


I will update more men’s clothing or single product recommendation,

(In order to prevent you from seeing good -looking men’s clothing for the first time, remember to pay attention ~~ Mao Da)

Keywords: texture, leisure, basic model

















“Madden Gong”

“Madden Gong”


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