Yuan Shanshan’s tube top skirt wears a trick, who doesn’t care about the flesh of the arm, confident and generous and dignified


The tube top design is a very famous design element of skirts. Many female stars will choose

Tube top skirt


Attending the event or walking on the red carpet; and women wearing tube top skirts in life are also

Especially hot

, Will be more eye -catching.

The tube top -style skirt will be in

Tube top position

A lot

Different design points

And the color of the skirt and the style of the skirt also have a certain impact on the overall effect, so when choosing, you must have a certain understanding of it.

Simple tube tops are also divided into loose version and slim -fit, and are divided into soft effects and sexy effects. They are not limited to the initial perception of tube tops. With the continuous development of fashion,

Creative design


More and more.

There are also many people who have a deeper degree in the entertainment circle of tube top skirts.

Yuan Shanshan

It is one of them. I like to choose a tube top style very much to participate in various activities.

Yuan Shanshan

Put out of the tube top skirt

It is also very clear about the design of the skirt to choose a style that is suitable for itself more accurately. I do n’t care about the flesh of the arm, confident and dignified. Yuan Shanshan’s dress skirt is very characteristic, “semi -permanent” tube top style

Simple and clean

Good lady, everyone may wish to learn more clothing from it

Related matching knowledge.

Warm and soft tube top skirt wear

Costume color: pale yellow

Women need to be more cautious when choosing a dress, because the color of the skirt will not directly affect the facial complexion, and the dress is different. Many people think

Yellow wearing will show black

, But not all yellows have this characteristic. The bright yellow and orange yellow are easier to step on the thunder, but


The light yellow is very soft.

Light yellow with sunny vitality, but more quiet and gentle temperament, which is more suitable for comparison

Elegant and gentle

It is relatively bland to match the person to match the dress, but the matching in life is enough.

Clothing material: satin with soft gauze

The use of fabrics is the essence of clothing. Good materials can drive the overall more advanced texture. Use a large area of ​​satin with a small amount of soft gauze design.

Luxurious and gentle


Combining well,


Create a more elegant feeling, making people want more understanding.

Tube top design: lotus leaf design


The tube top style can be designed in the tube top position. It is very smart to use the soft gauze material to make the ruffled edge. The application of ruffled edge design elements is widely used, not only very common on skirts,

Front of a shirt

As well as

Side seam of pants

You can add various styles to add,

Add a sense of line.

Skirt design: short front and back long

The design of the skirt makes the skirt more soul, and the long skirt will always give people special

Gentle temperament

Essence The short and back -long skirt design makes the skirt more layered, and can also expose a slender ankle.

More thin.

Some skirts in front of the skirt will be designed to the knee position, while the rear half of the design grows a long tail. This short and back -long design

More contrast

With strong creativity.


Other tube top skirts wear

Soft yarn material red -brown tube top skirt

Among the various wearing fabrics, the gauze material is



With light “immortal”

The superimposed skirt with multi -layer gauze fabric is very strong, and the full effect makes the skirt more charm.


The reddish brown in it has a strong sense of maturity and charming effect. Compared with the hot effect of the right red,



Deeper and internal

Han, more in line with the internal charm formed after the accumulation of women.

Brown red is more like a woman when choosing lipstick, red with dirty orange tone is more textured, which will make simple reds show the confused and firm sexy charm.


The combination of soft yarn material is more colorful.

Switching design tube top small black skirt

The charm of different materials for stitching is very strong. Don’t look at the trend of popularity, but it has been changing, but

Switching design technique

However, it has always been loved by designers, and color stitching often has a strong visual impact; and

Material stitching

Will make the skirt

More layered.

Every woman should have a small black skirt that belongs to her own. The classic level of black skirts is self -evident. The simple color runs through everyone’s life.

Black skirt is stable and elegant,

Add a deep gorgeous effect.


Coupled with the use of bright surface shell materials to make a tube top shape, and

Fog surface satin


Stringing is undoubtedly very fashionable,

The reflected gloss is low -key and does not look at it,

Don’t worry about the skirts to snatch the limelight.

The layered gradient tube top skirt

Tower skirt version

There are fewer formal occasions. The advantage of the tower skirt has a very prominent layered effect, but there is no luxury and noble spirit as strong as other styles.

Tower skirt is a cake skirt often referred to in people’s mouths, this version of skirt




A strong sense of picture

It is even more eye -catching through the gradient color, and it will be attracted from a distance.

In fact, when choosing a skirt, you still need to know what style needs and which design reflection.


A strong clean effect,

Let the white fragrant shoulders be revealed, and the neck will look more slender at the same time, so the main style of the tube top style is sexy and fresh.

Tube top skirt