The retro style is very charming. Wearing a cheongsam top like Yang Ziyang Mi, elegant and temperament



Hello everyone.

I saw a girl wearing a small stand -up collar on the street a few days ago


Cheongsam shirt

With a pair of jeans. It’s pretty good, it’s delicious and temperamental. My interest in my cheongsam top was lifted.

I just saw the photos of the little beauty Yang Zi again. She wore a light blue Chinese shirt, a small stand -up lapse, and a white roller. A model of a girl in the Republic of China. Retro, fresh and artistic. Let’s talk about the national tide item. See how fashionists interpret this retro item.

What are the popular cheongsam top styles in recent years?

Cheongsam top is a clothes that have been in the Republic of China. The most classic style is like the dress wearing Yang Mi above. Light blue fabric, Xiao Li collapsed the sleeve in the middle of the slanting placket. Relatively longer, length to the hip. There are obvious waists around the waist. This is the clothes worn by female students in the Republic of China. Retro and artistic.

Yang Zi’s light blue cheongsam top has been improved a little bit. The length is slightly shorter, the sleeve becomes a flared sleeve, and the cuffs are also poured in the beige lace edge. With a little romantic and sweet charm. If Yang Mi was worn by female students in the Republic of China. Then Yang Zi was worn by a young girl who was married in the Republic of China.

No matter what clothes are advancing with the times, cheongsam tops are no exception. Because to meet the needs of modern people, if they are all cheongsam tops like the Republic of China, although classic, they are also very niche. Recently have been popular in the past few years

Lace made cheongsam top

Because of the cutout characteristics of lace, this retro cheongsam top has a modern atmosphere, and at the same time, it also has a sweet little sexy. Good -looking and elegant and Chinese style.

The cheongsam top made by the flower cloth

There are quite a lot. Sweet than solid color. More feminine. Compared with the Cerammati cheongsam tops during the Republic of China, today’s printing cheongsam tops are relatively short. More figure and more playful. Like the light green background of the picture above, the red printed cheongsam top is very representative. Romantic and elegant to wear.

Of course, there are quite a few styles of cheongsam tops. The above are more representative. There are still many people wearing recently.

Let’s take a look at how to match the cheongsam top to look good.


How do cheongsam tops match?

Cheongsam tops are still very good. With skirts, wide -leg pants, leggings or jeans are all good. Let’s take a few examples below to see if there is a match you like.

Cheongsam top with half -bodies, fresh retro and literary art

The most classic match for cheongsam tops is black with black


combination. Yang Mi wore like Yang Mi above. A light blue cheongsam top with a black skirt, the length of this skirt is a little bit under the knee, shorter than the slim skirt. Wear white shorts and black Mary Zhen shoes. Retro refreshing and artistic.


Yang Zi’s match is also classic. She paired this light blue cheongsam top

Mi -white lace long skirt

The color of the skirt echoes the rolling edge in the top, refreshing and atmospheric. Her skirt is relatively long and relatively formal. It is also more elegant. The combination of cheongsam tops and skirts is the most feminine. It is also the most retro combination.


Cheongsam top with wide -leg pants, retro, elegant and gas field

Cheongsam tops do not have to match skirts. match

Wide leg pants


It’s also good. For example, wearing a cheongsam top made of green sky silk, the collar of this top is water droplets, buttons can also be unlocked, which is more breathable. Paired with a pair of white nine wide -leg pants. Wearing pair of white shoes on your feet, this shoe can be high -heeled shoes or small white shoes. You want to put on thin band sandals. It is appropriate to wear a shopping party or go to work like this.

If your cheongsam top is short lace, it can be equipped with a piece of white

This pants can be made of chiffon. The sense of verticality is very good and there is no swelling. It is refreshing and elegant and there is aura. Although it is a cheongsam top, this set is still cool. Walking on the streets of modern times is not disobedient at all.


Cheongsam top with tight pants, neat and thin


Many friends do not know the cheongsam top, and they will not be able to start with this dress. But in fact, cheongsam tops are still very good. In addition to matching skirts or wide -leg pants, you can also match



Essence However, the cheongsam top with tight pants is best longer, and it can cover the hips. If you are short -tight, you will not look good. It is good to wear like the picture above. A peacock blue cheongsam top with a white nine -point tights. Elegant and stylish and retro temperament. There is quite a formal feeling. It is also possible to wear such a formal situation like this.

A little bit of Cito cheongsam top with black leggings is also good. This long cheongsam top has the feeling of cheongsam. Xiaoli Lingzhang’s placket buckle is all available. It’s just shorter than cheongsam. So the formal sense is relatively strong. With a pair of black leggings, elegant atmosphere and retro, there are quite charm.

Cheongsam top with jeans, playful and stylish and Chinese style, cool

You often wear jeans. Many people think


Cheongsam top and jeans

It is not worthy of the wind and horses. But in fact, you put these two clothes together, but you have unexpected effects. For example, wearing a short green and red flower short -sleeve cheongsam top with a pair of jeans. Retro, playful and special, cool set of national tide.

If your cheongsam top is slightly longer, you want to adjust your body proportion. It can stuff the hem of the cheongsam top into the pants, retro and stylish. The pink print cheongsam top is pretty good. Fresh and sweet.

In addition to the trousers of the cheongsam top, it can also be matched with


Denim cropped pants, pants pants or shorts

Essence The effect is okay. It is a very fashionable mixed style. In daily life, you can use cheongsam tops as an ordinary top. It can be casual, fresh and retro, and elegant and sweet. Match a large piece of clothes.

Well, I just talked about cheongsam tops. Do you like this dress?

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Wide leg pants