Give up small black shoes! This pair of white boots are popular in spring, refreshing and fashionable, who wears beauty


The weather has become warmer recently, and many girls may feel that those boots wearing in winter should be useless, so I want to put it away. I want to say that those small black boots and small black shoes can indeed be able to do anything. Put it away, but there are a pair of shoes with both face value and strength. You can’t put it away. In the bright spring season, it can still create a variety of fashionable shapes for you. That is the refreshing, fashionable, elegant and temperamental white boots, so that those girls who are already wanting to bleach beautifully on the street are loved. Nowadays, people’s understanding of fashion trends is increasing, so it will naturally become more upset about the shape of the street, and gradually evolve into a fashion duel, as if other girls on the street are all your competitors, people are making people, which makes people make people, which makes people make people, which makes people make people, which makes people make people make people. Very desire to win.


Especially for some fashion bloggers and tide people, every street shot or out of the street is actually a war without smoke, and the quality of the clothing is invisible. Not to mention, now in the spring season, dark -colored shoes can indeed be locked in the wardrobe and replace it with a pair of fresh and elegant “small white boots”. It can be said that it is the most fashionable one this spring. It feels like wearing it, it will become the most beautiful girl on the entire street!


Originally, pure white items were very good. It can be said that it is a color that people love, so small white boots will naturally be favored by everyone from the beginning. After all, no girl will resist this kind of white and white item. Due to its simple and clean color and high -quality texture, the small white boots soon became popular on the Internet. It became the first choice in our daily life. It can help you create a variety of foreign styles. It is beautiful to wear it casually!


The first: modify the ankle curve

As we all know, the shape of the “small white boots” is wrapped in the ankle position, so it can help you optimize the ankle curve, make you look more attractive, and the pure white is also remarkable. It is more resistant to dirty, does not affect your elegant and charming side, wearing a sweet and custard of urban beauty fan.

Second type: color color reducing age reduction

Although the proportion of shoes in this set of shoes is not large, the color matching is not good, which will also affect the overall effect. We need to choose the color combination of refreshing and age -reducing clothing, because the secret to wear is not just the style of the style. Design, pay more attention to color matching problems. The light and soft color matching is the most age -reducing color reduction, and the skin color is lined. The “white” boots on the feet can play a role in improving the fresh atmosphere and intellectual purity.




Pants+little white boots

If we choose a sharp pants with “small white boots”, then we cannot choose long pants or thick fabrics. You can choose thin and breathable pure cotton pants, as shown in the white nine -point pants in the figure above with the same color system with the same color system. Shoes, very witty, can visually prolong the leg lines, which are thin and tall.

We can also choose youthful casual jeans with small white boots. The pants are too long. It can be lifted up, which will not affect the overall effect. Instead, it is very detailed. The spark of “fashionable” is very good.


Half skirt+little white boots

We know that in the wardrobe of the girls, whether it is street shooting or work, a small skirt is indispensable, such as flexible and changing skirts that are very good. Speaking of “small white boots”, it helps you to easily wear the intellectual temperament of urban beauty.

Dress+little white boots

In the spring day, the essential small floral dress, we naturally won’t miss it. It is used to match with simple and clean little white boots. Suddenly young, charming and eye -catching.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a dress that suits them and create our own charm.


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