What turtles are the turtle breeding in urban families?


There are more and more people who raise turtles as pets. Many friends have chosen turtles, Brazilian turtles, yellow head turtles, pork nose turtles, yellow margins, Sutaida, etc. among many turtles varieties.


In fact, there are not many turtles suitable for urban family breeding. The first element is to be suitable for the environment of the family. First of all, we must be able to adapt to the tap water of the family, and the stress of chlorine gas and bleaching powder in tap water is not great. At least, it will not cause problems such as rotten armor, rotten skin, swelling, and white eyes to be considered a good choice.


The second is to be able to adapt to the noise of urban families and not comparable air in the wild. Some turtles are obviously not very uncomfortable with these environments, and of course there are many problems.

Some netizens suggested the preferred yellow throat to be a water turtle (stone money turtle). The reasons are as follows: The family breeding of Shi Jinqian Turtle has a history of more than ten years. It has a breeding in various places, and the reproduction rate is not low, and the turtles of the family have reproduced for several generations.


Another is that the stone quality turtle has a stronger adaptability than other turtles compared with other turtles than other turtle seedlings. Big turtles are easier to raise than turtle seedlings and turtles.

The stone gold turtle is referred to as the stone turtle, and the folk is divided into two major: south and north. There is a big green head turtle and Xiaoqingtou tortoise. Xiaoqing is still pretty good as an ornamental turtle.