Good things recommendation: Perlary hyaluronic acid water supplement mask, mermaid princess series 33 tablets


The Berlaya Mask is an elf from the ocean. It contains the essence of the dark pearl of the deep sea of ​​Daxi. It effectively brightens the skin. It gives the skin luxury and skin brightening experience. With the essence of ponyta algae, it effectively moisturizes the skin, so that the skin can enjoy the tenderness and moisture!

Suitable for skin type: I have dry skin, and the effect is particularly good! Moisturizing effect: The hydration effect is super great!

Follow -up effect: very fit with the face, very good!

The service of the merchant is very good, very patient, and the delivery speed is fast. In the evening, the order of “Jingdong Logistics” was delivered to the door the next morning. It was really great! Praise the whole five -star! Intersection

It’s so surprised! The mermaid princess mask of “Perlaya” has received it! I have participated in this shop’s activities before. After winning, the merchant rewarded this mask, and it quickly received the goods. The girlfriend was very good after using it. Intersection Intersection

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Perlaria Mask Mermaid Princess 33 tablets (combined random hair) Clean hyaluronic acid water supplement mask female men’s moisturizing skin color skin care products cosmetics women

¥ 99