There are dust on the car, can I sweep it with a mule?


1. About emissions standards


The meaning of the four kingdoms and five gods?

Brother onion:

National Fourth and National Five are the standards for exhaust emissions formulated by the environmental protection department. The national five standards are higher. New cars that do not meet the emission standards cannot be licensed. Each region is different. Some places require the fourth, and some require the five of the country.


If your area is not implemented when you buy a car, then your car should be the fourth of the country. Generally Thousands of dollars, it ’s not a device, but just in line with higher standard cars, dealers must earn more.

The implementation of the National Five does not mean that your original country’s car cannot be driven, and if you want to sell it, used cars can also be transferred normally in the local area, or it can be sold to those areas where the National Five is not implemented in other places.


About car paint




Help Brother onion, there is dust on the surface of the car. Will it hurt the car paint?

The feathers are okay. Generally, the waxing dumplings are used, and the soft and high -quality tweezers occasionally use it. The car paint is not so delicate.

However, strictly speaking, if you particularly love it, the car is placed outdoors, and it is so embarrassed with a mule every day. The dumplings are mixed with dust and sand, which will produce small scratches, which is really not good for the car paint.

So if you particularly love car paint, you can bear the dust every day. Washing your car once a week and a wax once can play a good role in protecting the car paint. When it comes to the maintenance of car paint, it is also learned when it is deepened. The green onion will specialize in the program in the future. Basic, the little friends replied on WeChat “


“, There are more basic videos of handwriting.


Regarding a local tyrant partner who asked continuously. Essence Essence

Question 1


: Hello, Brother Scallion, I would like to consult how the Maserati Time is standardized. Go to the test drive. It feels that it is not much different from the current 328, and the steering is a bit slow.

GHIBLI I think the power output is very good, and the control is tied up to 328. Although 328 is good, the power reaction is still slightly slow, so it cannot be called perfect control.

Questions 2

: Also want to consult, change the car to the daughter -in -law, tend to M135, the woman’s meeting will not be a bit difficult to drive (Note: My daughter -in -law takes this year’s technology, but I like to drive violently). Thank you first. Thanks first, thank you first.

That can be considered in A45. The safety of the four -wheel drive will be better. The small car is suitable for girls to drive. The appearance is also good, and it is still AMG. Insert a sentence, about how to choose a car according to needs, you can reply on WeChat “

Don’t be blind

“View the previous show.

Questions 3

: I’m sorry to be me again, haha, can you introduce or popularize the knowledge of car audio, I care about this, Baohua, Bo Harmancaton, Berlin Voice, because there are many cars, there are no existing cars. Optional, unable to feel, and unwilling to use the standard, I compare the original factory control

The original audio factory has no effect, including the sound of Berlin of Mercedes -Benz S. If you have a fever, you must come by yourself. You can find me for help in Beijing, and there is really no way to go.

If you want to change the sound, you must find you. Thank you very much for replying to so much. I also think that 328 is slow to give oil, but after watching the new car review, Jiboli test drive and say that Jiba Li is also very slow. Then there are our two. So don’t consider these two brands. Thank you very much for the first time.

You’re welcome, if you have problems, you can ask questions on WeChat,

welcome any time!

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