Women are 50 years old, in addition to being simple and generous, they also need to use the waist to bring modification, which is more outstanding.


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Once a woman is 50 years old, in addition to being simple and generous, we must also pay attention to the modification of the proportion of the figure. It is important to use the waist to bring modification!

The decoration of the belt is a good embellishment effect, and the other is to help modify the figure and improve the waistline. It is the perfect representative.

One: How to use the “belt” correctly for a 50 -year -old woman

After entering the age of 50, a woman, in addition to being simple and generous in daily wear, also uses the “belt” to modify. So how to use the “belt” correctly?

First of all, when choosing a belt, pay attention to its thick details,

The first choice of thin belt, which is more thin and more delicate than the thick belt, the thin belt is decorated.

Secondly, the color of the belt must be harmonious with the selected clothes,


Following the dark light combination, and the combination of dark and bright colors is more outstanding.

The last one is the style and belt position of the belt,

Generally, there are leather belts and soft belts. Some women also use silk scarves as belts. For a 50 -year -old woman, Lily is also recommended to choose the leather waist to modify, which can not only create a perfect figure proportion, but also show a thin figure. The location of the belt is also paid attention to. Generally, the correct method is on the waist and some positions on the navel. Of course, you can also choose to tie directly on the bottom.


Two: What are the clothes that can be matched with the belt?

◎ Skirt

A 50 -year -old woman is naturally indispensable for single -body skirts. Generally, when choosing this kind of skirt, pay more attention to its length. The length of the just knee is more friendly, and the temperament and elegance are not losing! Directly tied the belt on the skirt, it was very good to modify the body proportion, and increased the waistline, perfect!

◎ shirt


How can a shirt a versatile and temperamental single product lack this summer? Lily thinks that middle -aged women after the age of 50 can really choose this kind of top to wear, and simply match it to wear fashion and temperament. Then add a belt decoration properly on the waist, not only modifying the waist, but also showing a thin figure, making the whole shape more capable and sharp.

◎ T -shirt


For basic T -shirts, if you want to show more fashionable and outstanding, you can also use its “belt” to embellish. After the simple T -shirt is added to the belt, it will quickly enhance the fashionable and delicate sense of the entire shape. Create the shape of the shape, improve the waistline and thinner.

◎ Dress skirt


When a woman in her 50s is wearing a dress, she can also add a belt to themselves to embellish themselves, especially when wearing shirts and dresses. It is really good to match a belt on the waist! The original capable shirt skirt, coupled with the belt, will have some chances and neat. The key is to modify the figure, and it can also show a high sense of visually.

Three: Demonstration of Passing of Belt and Clothing

How to wear look1: short -sleeved dress+belt

To a certain age, in addition to being simple and generous, we must also know how to use “accessories” to embellish, such as belt and silk scarf. You see this group of dressing, wearing solid color short -sleeved clothes long skirts , Simple and casual. The original long skirt, after adding the belt, increased the proportion of the waistline, and also emphasized the waistline.

The combination of color scarf+belt makes the original monotonous skirt instantly become fashionable and elegant. This match looks really outstanding!


How to wear look2: striped short -sleeved shirt+white denim trousers+belt

Is a 50 -year -old woman suitable for wearing a striped shirt? The answer is of course. A top like a striped shirt is actually not difficult to wear fashion. During the reference of the mother’s wear, choose a pair of white denim trousers to match the lower body. The waist of the trousers also added a belt to embellishment, and the proportion of the lower body was lengthened.

How to wear Look3: Shirt Dress+Belt

In the older middle -aged woman, in the summer, I can really choose this shirt dress to wear it. I feel that the whole person will look very temperament. After adding striped elements, the overall looks not only not monotonous, but also fashionable. It is important that this vertical stripes can also present a sense of weight loss ~

The collar of the shirt does not have to be buckled, exposing the exquisite collarbone, just to modify the neck and face shape. The belt paired on the waist avoids the feeling of sorrow and modify the figure.


After reading the sharing of Lily above, what do you think? After a woman is 50 years old, in addition to being simple and generous, she also needs to use the waist to bring modification, which is both fashionable and outstanding!

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