Putin had been predicted to be a strong man in the governance of the country when he was a child.


Friends who are familiar with and knows the history of Soviet Russia know: Peter Emperor, Yekaterina II, Alexander Tsar, and Stalin are all Soviet -Russian iron -handed leaders, and all of them have made Soviet Russia a powerful empire. Nowadays, with Putin for nearly 20 years, Russia has returned to the stage of the international center, becoming one of the veritable strong powers, and Putin has also become the most powerful star president of the presidents around the world.

Putin once said: “Stalin is a dictator, there is no doubt! The problem is that under his leadership, the Soviet Union achieved the great victory of the Patriotic War. This victory was largely associated with his name to a large extent. If you ignore this fact, it is stupid! “The picture shows the young Vladimir Putin.

Russia has a tradition of supporting strong man politics. Throughout history, its leader plays a decisive role in the rise and fall of the country. As a result, Putin has established a “strong man” style and image since its ruling, and has also been supported and loved by the Russian people.


In addition, the Russian people have long been used to “strong man leaders”, which shows that Russia’s prevalence of “strong man politics” is found.


The mentality of the Russians’ like to lead the leaders originated from the Orthodox religion they believe in. The thought of this savior is different from individuals, freedom and democracy emphasized by the West, and more emphasizes a sense of mission and responsibility. Because of this, Putin’s aura and determination to decide his destiny, while the other was not a strong man, that is, he served Putin’s determination.

A Soviet model worker and the party secretary of the workshop proudly said to friends before dying, “You see, my son is like a Tsar!” The father of Putin said this, the so -called “knowing the son Mo Ruo”. The accuracy of Putin’s political future, his father surpassed any political observer in the world.


Many Russian people proudly said, “God has given us a strong man, he is Putin!” In summary, Putin’s super popularity in Russia is not accidental. This kind of people’s foundation is a consistent pursuit of “strong man politics”. If you like it, please forward the atlas, follow the “Northern Xinjiang Recorders” above, and see more international news information.