China’s first shop! Known as “the best crocodile leather brand in the world”, Tati landed on the Bund




Italian luxury leather goods brand -Tardini

, Opened the first Chinese store in the Greenland • Bund Chao Fang Italy Center.

In the Greenland Quality Consumer Pavilion at the 3rd Expo, the leather goods brand Tatin brought

Nearly 30 handmade products such as belts, leather shoes, leather bags

Participating in the exhibition is loved by domestic buyers. After the 3rd Expo, Tatin put some products in

Expo Modeling Service Platform -Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port

Inside, it not only attracted consumers to try on, but also buyers from Jiangsu, Beijing, Liaoning and other provinces also went to go and reached a procurement order.


“The belts, shoes, leather bags and other more than 30 products we first released at the third expo have entered domestic channels through green space.” Giuseppe, CEO of Tati, said that the Expo will allow companies It can be more keen and deeper into the Chinese market and create conditions for landing the Chinese market. With the influence of the Expo, they quickly landed on the Chinese market through the Greenland Trade Port Platform, and quickly completed the first exhibition of the Expo, to the new product first, and then to Shanghai. “We opened the first store in Shanghai, and what we valued was the exposure effect brought by the Kaibo stage.”


It is understood that the Tatin brand was founded in Italy in 1958. It is made of top luxury goods such as shoes, bags, and belts, all of which are made of American crocodile skin. For example, the Tati Nimi belt from the line selection, style design, leather cutting and other processes, all handmade crocodile leather goods products condenses the aesthetic design and intentional production of Italian handicrafts. In addition, metal accessories such as buckles are also high -quality handicrafts, usually made of jewelry technology and materials.

In the past year, the “same model” products from all over the world are accelerating the landing, becoming the “new darling” in residents’ homes, and contributing to China’s consumption upgrade and high -quality economic development. The offline exhibition time of the Expo is only 6 days, but for global companies, the opportunity is far more than that. In Shanghai, the “overflowing effect” of the three exposures has become increasingly obvious. Overseas exhibitors have seen the huge potential of the Chinese market, from “walking in” to “stay”.


Li Xiaomeng, general manager of the Italian Center, said that the domestic light luxury consumer goods market is growing rapidly. These light luxury brands are well known in Italy, but they are not involved in the Chinese market. At the same time, the “ambition” of the Italian center is far more than that. “This time we opened the first store on the green land • Bund tide. In addition to wanting to bring more high -quality, niche, personalized Italian Outside of goods, I also hope to discover more outstanding Chinese artists through this platform to help outstanding domestic artists do exhibitions in mainstream European and American art museums and exhibitions at famous galleries and art institutions. “


The first store of the brand’s first store, the first commercial project of the Greenland Bund Center -Greenland • Bund Tide Fang (CIAO PLAZA) recently unveiled the veil. Greenland • Bund tide prescription is positioned as

“Haipai Cultural Center and Bund high -end lifestyle and nightlife gathering place”


With the starting point of creating the Italian cultural center, the cultural space of the Bund, and the social venue of “Sleepy Night”, a number of creative, fashionable, trendy quality life, innovative retail, leisure and entertainment, high -end catering and other formats were introduced. The brand is the first to enter Shanghai and even the first to enter China, which will make the Greenland Bund Center the first place and the first show of the new product in the world. Not only that, the introduction of green space • Bund tide recipes


Casa Italia Ital

, Cover top luxury goods, clothing customization, shoes, handicrafts, beauty medicine makeup, art galleries, installation art, etc. With retail, catering, art and culture appreciation, etc., create a cultural exchange platform for both parties, so that consumers can enjoy the original Italian lifestyle in the eyes.

Xue Yingjie, assistant to the president of Greenland Group and general manager of the Trade Port Group, introduced that as a “most trendy” punch point, Greenland · Bund tide party will host the theme market, art exhibitions, fashion pop -up, multimedia light shows, etc. Thirty days before the opening of the Fourth Expo, Greenland Group will give play to its own industrial advantages, accelerate the improvement of trade port energy levels, gather import resource elements, strengthen the industrial chain service system, and create a “innovation and transformation of the expo expo. “Quick lane” contributes new momentum and new forces to the Expo “better and better”.