The 34 names of the Bibao’s Bibu in the Four Treasures of the Temple, Jade pipes, autumn, chestnuts …


1. Jade tube “Jade tubes today, and use the word to change the silver hook.”

2. Cuichuan “Jade Window throws green tube, clear sleeves to cover silver.”

3. Silver pipe “The Shuwang Palace Tree Snow Eaps, and the silver pipe is filled with a little bit of painting.”

4. Elephant tube “Elephant tube thin shaft Yingrui Jin, Yulin 棐 a few clouds and fat.”

5. 窗 窗 窗 窗 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 筠 筠 筠 筠 长 长 长 长 长 5. “


6. The spots “Gently spend the book about the mind, and the silver paper is folded and wrote a hate.”

7. The tube “Yun Tao touches the wind, the slightest and the smoke.

8. Inch -pipe “This classic history is the word chapters, the exhibition leader and the inch management.”

9. “Night open the golden key to resignation, to the imperial dumpling of the imperial emperor.”

10. Zihao “There is an old rabbit on the south of the river, eat bamboo drinking spring. The workers of Xuancheng are picked as a pen, and the millions of cents are selected.”

11. The rabbit “will have to peep the results, the window dye the rabbit.”

12. Rouhao “Reminiscence Roujian is a stone canal, the spring breeze flowers and medicine attacked.”

13. The weak “new thing is old, the weak is suitable.”


14. Qiu Ji “turn the wrist and destroy the peak, the surplus, the autumn cocoon paper often follows.”


15. Inch, “Wen Xi is lacking, Wu has no ruler. It is stored in his life, and it will not be open to death.”

16. Frosty “Frost, relying on the cold of the sky, let’s watch it lightly.”

17. Yinhao “Sprinkle silver, he knows the old sentence.”

18. Zhongshanhao “Hidden Hou San Xuan Shi, gives me Li Gangyu. Sprinkling Zhongshanhi, light reflecting Wumen practice.”

19. Yutu Tsai “Fighting and Wonderful Getting Golden Mingson, Sympathetic Yubuya.”

20. Qiu Rabbit “Mo suspects the history of literature does not know the martial arts, and try to be frosty.”

21. Jian cone “Celebrate the eyes of Ruzha, the slightest is sharp.”

22. Ji Ying “The test papers have entered the mountain, and Mo teach Ou Jiu Knowing Liu Ji.”

23. Han “Zeng Zeng played chapter, waving Hanzhiya.”

24. Nahan “Fake Qi Zhen, the breeze is in the bamboo forest.”


25. Rouhan “weak crown with Rouhan, Zhuo Yanguanqun book.” (Western Jin · Zuo Si “Yong Shi”)

26. Weak Han “Didn’t the Weak Han not be able to do it.”

27. Inch Han “Galling me in Cunham, Liuzao Chonghua Fang.”

28. Mao Ying “Tao Hong’s face is really cold, and Mao Ying’s head is long.”


29. Frost Rabbit “Self -frost Rabbit Jian, An Youyu is good.”

30. Liwei’s “Books to Beish Poetry must write themselves, in order to take Liwei Shuxi Teng.”

31. Chicken “Chicken is beginning to be moist, and the dragon scale does not self -proclaimed.”


32. Zhu Mao “also talk about the merits, split water to see the puppet.”

33. Mao Jian “Yixu Chi Er Shan Yu, directly use Mao cone to kill Ru.”

34. Retreating “Bald Friends retreat to the front, and the meritorious hair is injured.”