How to choose in the early winter coat? It is recommended to master three points and four methods to wear elegant fashion


The early winter dress is mainly to keep warm and comfort, which also makes the coat the standard of many elegant women’s outbound or workplace, but the coat seems to be versatile and not picking people. If you want to wear a good temperament, it is a test of the wearers My own matching skills, especially in the choice inside.

If it is not properly packed, it is easy to cause bloated or lack of highlights, and choosing the right style is the prerequisite for creating good clothes. So how to choose in the early winter coat? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at what points and the method should be mastered when choosing in the selection, wearing elegance and fashion!

1. Consider the color of coats and inside


Winter is the home of various coats, such as black, gray, white, beige, or various earth -colored coats are very popular with middle -aged women. When using these coats to create elegant shapes, everyone must pay attention to the coats and inside. Color, try to improve clothing with the help of color matching.

When coloring to enhance the texture of the coat in winter, the easiest way is to subtract in color. For example, the same color system that is consistent with or different in the coat is used to enhance the sense of high -level with the help of the same color system.

Similar to the camel coat with coffee and half -high -neck knit sweater, or use a white sweater as a white coat, coordinate simple and advanced, if it is a dark color coat, then compared to the dark color in the inside, it is recommended to be in the recommendation. In the year, women chose white or Morandi color.

2. There must be a comparison in the coat

The versatile practical is one of the advantages of coats, which also means that we can choose a large number of inner styles, but no matter how you use it, middle -aged women need to ensure that there must be a contrast between the coat and the inside. Essence

1. Style comparison


The so -called style comparison mainly refers to the internal items that choose differently from the coat attributes. For example, using a casual sweater as a coat in the coat, you can use the different style attributes to collide with a fashionable spark to enhance the sense of layering inner and outer.

However, the color of the hoodie is not recommended to be too jumping. Generally, the coat is the same color or the classic color.

2. Edition comparison


Whether the coat is bloated or thin, it depends largely on the inner version. If you use a waist coat to highlight the good figure, then you should try to use the self -slimming model. Bottom Shirt.

If you use a silhouette coat to improve the gas field, then the inner version can be more loose, creating a lazy and casual tone.

Third, highlight the high waistline


When wearing a coat in the early winter, how to avoid bloating is the most concerned issue for many people. After all, the coats are mostly long.


This also requires middle -aged women to put in their hands from some short inside, and use the short version to highlight the high waistline, thereby optimizing the proportion of the figure.

In addition, with the help of belt or plugging, you can further point the waistline to avoid bloated and heavy.

Fourth, coat+inner use method

When choosing a coat, in addition to paying attention to the three points above, mastering some practical methods that do not make mistakes are also an effective way to create good clothes.

1. Coat+sweater/sweater

In the early winter temperature, when a middle -aged woman uses a coat to create a street shape, it is necessary to pay attention to the atmosphere and consider the temperature. Like a sweater or sweater, it is an ideal choice.

This type of single product is soft and comfortable and warm. It can also be used as a coat to emphasize the gentle and intellectual dressing style, such as small round collar sweater, half -tall sweater or turtleneck coat, combined high -waist skirt or high waist pants , Easy to wear out.


The solid color sweater wins in simple and practical, and basically can combine various colors of coats. If you want to move the center of gravity, it is recommended to choose a striped sweater or rhombus sweater.

When such sweater combination coats can be used to divert dress, and literature and art are significantly higher.

2. Coat+bottoming shirt

For mature women who take the elegant and intellectual route, you can choose a half -high -necked or high -necked bottom shirt in autumn. This kind of inside is thinner than sweaters. Half -high or high -neck design can also resist cold.

The color can choose the same color system that is consistent with the color of the coat, or use the Morandi color system to emphasize the gentleness.

3. Coat+hoodie+T -shirt

We wear common sweaters and bottoming shirts. We can also use a hoodie to enhance their casual sense. Like a gray hoodie in a black coat, it is not only age -reducing foreign style, but also without losing the level of dressing.

However, when it is matched, it is best to choose the props to relax the appropriate model.

4. Coat+shirt/knitted vest+leggings


The best way to avoid the bloated feeling of coats in the early winter is to increase the sense of hierarchy with the help of stacking.

For example, when using a coat to combine a bottoming shirt, you can use shirts and knitted vests to enrich the dressing level, fashionable and warm. The above is the coat that I shared this time. If you like it, you may wish to learn from it!

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