Tea oil upgrade hair care usage, you know? Especially suitable for dryness.


I have to pay attention to my little friends know that I have a unique momentum of tea, and tea oil is “Wanjin” for me. It is really beneficial to the skin care, and also sharing a lot of usage of tea oil. Friends can look at my conference.


But today, I want to talk about tea oil hair from another direction, mainly for dry hair loss and perm damage hair, how to use tea oil to upgrade hair care, let your hair seek sewage smooth .

01 before shampoo


If your hair is dry, falling hair, the shampoo is easy to knot, you can’t get rid of the hair, then you can make your hair smooth, the shampoo will be easier, more comfortable. specific method:

Before drinking a few drops of tea, apply a wide teeth comb or the air cushion to comb to comb to comb to the hair to the whole scalp, then mix the appropriate amount of tea oil into the conditioner, ring and stir well, apply it in hair Tip (this time does not touch the scalp, the conditioner is easily blocked by the pores, easy to get the dandruff, etc. The problem will also alleviate the hair loss.

02 shampoo

After normal shampoo, the unnecessary hair is not dripped, and the appropriate amount of tea oil and conditioner is mixed into the hair, avoid the scalp, and wear the bath cap to wait for 10 minutes, wait for hair to absorb tea oil and conditioner After nutrition, then rinse, the hair is so smooth.

03 correct way

Whether it is tea oil or a conditioner, we should apply it to the hair and scales, so that the hair will become smooth, don’t come back, I will only increase the friction of the hair. Hair has become more dry, knotted, remember!


Speaking here, there is one

Important homework

To remind everyone, after the shampoo, use towel to dry, use towels to press the head skin and hair to dry the water, or directly wear a cap, do not use towels to return to the hair, so that the damage is too big And even before.


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