1 stroke 6 wear! Troukwasy + tights pants popular new GET right?


The introduction this year is very popular this year, and the cold winter is easy to go out. But do you know that there is a lot of changes in this match? This issue of Aime.com Xiaobian recommends 6 kinds of wear, not only is thin and very warm! Let’s take a look ~

Long outer cover + tights 1 stroke 6 wear >>> STYLE 1: super long boots + tight jeans

Demonstration Star: Xu Xian

Match points: gray high collar sweater + tight jeans + military green fur collar coat + black rhodes over knee boots. Ultra-long boots + fitting methods are suitable for high sizes, wearing a horses gorge.

Recommended item:

1 Topshop army green fur collar coat ¥ 980

2 ONLY dark blue tight jeans ¥ 499


3 h & m gray high collar sweater ¥ 310

4 hcntes black diamond over knee boots ¥ 498

Demonstration Star: Miranda

Match points: black zipper bottoming shirt + tight jeans + gray woolen coat + black over knee boots + black hand enlargement


Demonstration Star: Olivia Palermo

Match points: dark blue fur collar coat + white tight jeans + black over knee boots + black fur scarf + black handbag

Troukover + Tight Pants 1 Recruit 6 Wear >>> Style 2: Matching Sneakers Very Trend

Demonstration Star: Girls Day

Match points: black round neck sweater + dark blue tight jeans + red silhouette coat + white sneakers + green handbag. This year, there is a lot of fire, you don’t have to say it. Sneakers can still wear, with coats more!

1 ETAM red lilies coat ¥ 699

2 zara white head sweater ¥ 199


3 Topshop dark blue small foot jeans ¥ 360

4 NIKE white basketball shoes ¥ 1199

Demonstration Star: Teenage Times Xiuying


Match points: gray bottoming shirt + blue lattice fur collar coat + snowflakes tight jeans + white sports shoes + naked shoulder bag

Demonstration Star: Girls Day

Match points: white round neck sweater + black tights + black suede jacket + white high-top sports shoes + black handbag

Long outer cover + tights 1 stroke 6 wear >>> Style 3: Oversized jacket is most slim


Demonstration Star: T-ARA Simple

Match points: gray head sweater + dark brown fur coat + black tights + black rough up Martin boots. Oversized’s jacket is thin and very hic, and it is randomly matched with tight-fitting and tightening visual effects.

Demonstration Star: Song Huiqiao

Match points: black and white thousand birds garlic coat + black tight foot pants + black stiletto and ankle boots + black handbag + black duck cap

Demonstration Star: Luo Wei Handington Whitley


Match points: dark blue color coat + black tight jeans + black pointed boots + ink green handbag

Long outer cover + tights 1 stroke 6 wear >>> Style 4: long sweater neighboring family love


Match points: dark blue knit sweater cardigan + black tight leather pants + black Martin boots + black shoulder bag. The jacket of the knitted weaving is always warm and not a distance. The long sweater is not only cold, but also the effect of modifying the shape.


1 zara black knit sweater cardigan ¥ 259

2 ONLY black tight pants ¥ 299

3 mango black hand enlarged package ¥ 449


4 topshop black thick with Martin boots ¥ 750

Demonstration Star: Yun


Match points: beige high collar sweater + dark blue tight jeans + plush knitted jacket + black sports shoes + black hand bag

Demonstration Star: Jessica Alba


Match points: white bottoming shirt + gray jeans + beige knit cardigan + light gray pointed boots + color matching hand bag

长 外 + tights 1 stroke 6 wear >>> Style 5: Multi-level layers of blanket jacket


Match points: black print dress + pink wool loose coat + black soft cap + black handbag. The coat of wool loose model is warm and followed, just like a blanket, it is also very embhard.


1 topshop black metal chain soft cap ¥ 320


2 zara pink wool short coat ¥ 899

3 people black print dress ¥ 898

4 zara black square handbag ¥ 699

Demonstration Star: Eroshan Clock

Match points: black double-breasted coat + color matching wool shawl + blue tight jeans

Match points: white set sweater + green tight leather pants + gray wool coat + black handbag + gray soft cap

Long outer cover + tights 1 stroke 6 wear >>> Style 6: long version of suit coat neutral beauty

Demonstration Star: Liu Renna


Match points: light gray round neck sweater + dark gray double buckle suit coat + black tight pants + black Oxford shoes. Long-long suit coats have been slightly slim, and the demistence of neutral wind is handsome and casual.

1 USE gray double-breasted long coat ¥ 548


2 TOPSHOP Black Tight Pants ¥ 400

3 zara black straps Oxford shoes ¥ 399

4 h & m naked pink square handbarb two-purpose package ¥ 299


Demonstration Star: Jin Suzhen


Match points: white bottoming shirt + black small vest + camel long suit coat + black tight leather pants + black boots


Match points: rose red set sweater + grinding white denim tights + camel color trousers suit coat + soil yellow Oxford shoes + black handbag