Retro scratching color boots for cold days must


Although the winter is cold, when there is a gentle sun during the day, shoes are undoubtedly the best choice, which can be warm and handsome. Retro, soft and rigid, neutral and elegant female image, combined with handsome and free neutral design styles, let women rigid and soft.

复古擦色短靴 寒日必备

Handsome straps with retro metal buckle with shoe mouth rings, stylish trends, and can effectively adjust the tightness of the shoe mouth, properly modify the leg shape, stretch the proportion of legs, unique personality, and make the shoe shape more admitted.

A pair of short boots that are super European and American Fan Er are made of the head layer of cowhide, and the workmanship is also very delicate and delicate. Winter goddess must have beautiful boots, the choice of many big -name stars!

复古擦色短靴 寒日必备

Retro short boots, all handmade sewing shoes, retro is not short of fashion, simple and beautiful. Comfort is his focus. A pair of good shoes can take you more and better places. The leather, yes, is the leather.

复古擦色短靴 寒日必备

Fine design, the rules fried from the hand -crafted temperature, lined up half a circle along the edge of the shoe, like the wavy pattern.

复古擦色短靴 寒日必备

Waxing cowhide has a delicate texture, good elasticity, soft and comfortable, which makes the wear more comfortable and comfortable. The metal buckle is icing on the cake, glory, and tough.

The tone of the toe with the combination of the composite soles is simple and comfortable! The stitching of the leather on the upper and the combination of folds, exquisite and full of European and American sense!

Imported soft noodles PU, more breathable. 4.5cm Best and comfortable golden ratio is high and more comfortable. Adding hair and add cotton, trendy and stylish high -end beautiful boots, comfortable, breathable, beautiful, generous, versatile you are essential in winter.

复古擦色短靴 寒日必备

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复古擦色短靴 寒日必备

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