To tell the truth, wearing a down jacket is also recommended to be long, with long skirts or trousers, the sharp temperament is warm and warm


I believe that everyone will find that although it has been established for a long time, the temperature is still not warm, especially the temperature difference between morning and evening is particularly large, and it still needs to rely on down jackets to keep warm.

As a must -have item in winter, the warmth and comfort of down jackets are obvious to everyone. After this winter, we discovered that although the short down jacket was thin and high, the long down jacket was more versatile and fashionable. Let’s take a look at the fashionable combination of long down jackets.

1. With small pants

In fact, the long down jacket looks a little fluffy and large, and it is not bloated and obese after the upper body, especially this black down jacket, a wide version, can completely wrap our small body, give people warm warmth. The effect, the lower body is paired with black tights, which is thin and slim on the ankle. It is equipped with black and white -colored canvas shoes. It is casual and fashionable.

This orange -red Parker down jacket with a big hair collar design is particularly different than ordinary down jackets. The wide pockets are combined with the waist design of the leaflet. The design is full of design. And the square -headed ankle boots, ankle boots and pants are perfectly connected together, which has the effect of visual stretching, showing the long leg length.


The following match is a typical Korean style. It uses a large camel -colored down jacket with black leggings, high -top socks and gray sneakers to form a lively sports style. With a certain desire to protect.


Second, match skirt


Pure white long down jackets can not only set off the skin after the upper body, but also seem to be more pure and age -reducing, especially like this white down jacket with a doll collar. The lower body with black white stitching skirts and black loafers, ladies are elegant, exposing some calf skin, and perfectly weakening the thickness of the shape.

If you want to have a sense of layering, you can choose this beige knitted dress with a collarless black waist long down jacket. The inside and outside are rich in visual. It is not bloated at all. With a pair of brown bottom socks on the feet And camel snow boots, full of autumn and winter atmosphere.


In addition to the casual and casual autumn and winter atmosphere, this college -style dark down jacket is also very eye -catching. It uses the medium -length black down jacket, with a refreshing blue shirt and black pleated skirt. It is pure, especially suitable for student girls.


In addition to ordinary down jackets, mature women can also boldly try this derivative down jacket with a certain design sense. Exquisite and elegant charm.

The straight knitted skirt fabric is soft and comfortable. It is used to match the light and comfortable large collar long down jacket with the same fabric, which is full of gentle atmosphere. The feet use black bottom socks and black loafers to outline the slender sense of the ankle. Casuality with a sense of exquisiteness.


Third, with casual pants


The handsome neutral wind match does not necessarily require a large -scale dark item. It can also be done using light -colored items. Like this light green hooded down jacket with black casual pants Significantly, Miss Modeling came with aura.

Fourth, with cigarette pipe pants

The cigarette pants are designed with a wide and narrow upper and narrow, which is particularly friendly for girls with thick thighs. It is accompanied by loose black long down jackets and treasure blue hooded sweaters. It is lively and leisure and has a unique personality.


Fifth, with straight nine -point pants


The hair collar Picker down jacket will give people a magnificent feeling in itself, especially the use of this open style, which perfectly shows the refreshing and simple style inside. The lower body is equipped with a high -waist style Black nine -point straight trousers and square leather shoes are delicate and retro, showing a full sense of age.

Long down jackets are versatile and fashionable. I believe that everyone is planted by a variety of long down jackets of various styles.

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