Pinl Men’s clothing will implement the O2O plan to sign a contract


[Yibang Power Network News] On August 10th, Yibang Power Network learned that a few days ago, the Internet men’s clothing brand Pingli signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tmall Clothing, becoming one of the 160 partners of Tmall Clothing. Pinl CEO Deng Youjun said that Pingli will promote offline O2O experience stores across the country and land on the Tmall platform.

Deng Youjun said that Pingli Men’s clothing, like Inman, combines the way to go straight and franchise stores. This time, a strategic cooperation with Tmall will further increase the brand’s sales in Tmall.

品立男装将推行O2O 计划签约唯品会

Pin Men’s clothing

It is reported that Pingli was founded in 2013, and its sales ranking entered in Tmall TOP50 in 2014. As of now, Pingli’s sales growth has remained at 100%, and its daily turnover is 50%from old users. In addition, it is understood that the unit price of Pingli Men’s spring and summer is more than 350 yuan, and the unit price of autumn and winter passenger is more than 600 yuan.

品立男装将推行O2O 计划签约唯品会

Deng Youjun said that the company is still considering cooperation with Vipshop, and is in the signing stage.

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