It is necessary to install the symptoms of damping the shock absorption buffer pads, the symptom of the broken shock absorber top glue


As a large economic market, businesses will not let go. Grasp consumers’ psychology, and will introduce some additional derivatives. Just as a little friend recently asked the car owner’s guide, there is no need to install shock absorption buffer pads. What symptoms will occur if the shock absorber top glue is broken?

Is it necessary to install shock absorption buffer?

In fact, the vehicle has a shock -reducing buffer gum in the process of exiting the factory, and the behavior of continuing to add shock absorption buffer in the later period does not bring a qualitative leap for the vehicle’s filtration effect, so it feels like a little bit of snake painting. However, because the addition of shock absorbers does not cause damage to the vehicle, we do not support it, but we will not oppose this approach.


If there is damage to the top glue of the shock absorber, the following symptoms will occur:

1. Driving abnormal noise

When the shock absorbers are damaged due to severe wear, the vehicle shock absorber makes an abnormal noise at work.


2. Noise becomes larger

During the reducing glue buffer, the shock absorber will transmit the absorbed vibration and impact from the frame to the driving room without reservation during the work.

3. Direction offset

When the shock -reducing top glue is damaged, the direction of the vehicle may be slightly shifted, it is difficult to return to positive, as well as low return to positive strength.

4. Turn in place in place: abnormal noise:


Even if the shock absorber is not working, due to the excessive wear and damage of the top glue, the steering wheel is impressed by the steering wheel in place.