As if the atmosphere of spring, Ms. Duan Ran Mountain Camellia Camel Cocket Pappear (Detailed Tutorial)


“The breath of spring”

“The classic camellia is widely used in Irish works, interspersed with fabrics such as clothes, bags, hats, etc.; a red shawl meaning of the new year hook is also very good [Flower blooming rich] [[Hongyun is the head]”


Tiantian Weaving Materials Bag Store Feiwenli Natural World 800m 100G28557#Number 1 group; (the line of this color number now seems to be discontinued, it is not found) Mulan Pavilion Italy (magic ball) ultra -fine lace line 50g400 meters 11# Number 3

The above line volume is balanced, and the red line is almost used up.



Hook needles: 1.5; 1.75 hook flowers; 1.25 hook network stitching, streaming leaves, wearing beads



: A single flower is about 8.5cm, and it is about 10cm after the tetra


: Unilateral bottom edge length




CM; the center height 50cm; the upper and straight edges of the upper end of 100cm; the tingeousal leaflet height 3.5cm

Work Show:

In [weaving life] in 2018



The public account saw that this camellia shawl I liked very much. The colorful and beautiful flowers were crowded. At that time, I bought the dyeing line with the red line.

The classic camellia is widely used in Ireland works, and is interspersed with fabrics such as clothes, bags, hats and other fabrics. The three -dimensional effect; very beautiful, the meaning of a red shawl in the new year hook is also very good [Flower blooming rich] [Hongyun is the head]

I mixed 2 types of wires in the shawl:

1 is Fei Wenli’s natural world 100g800 meters of red color color, but the overall is slightly darker. Try to add Mulan Pavilion’s dyeing Mao lace lines to color matching effects. Two wires are mainly red colors. The color is very beautiful and the color transitions, that is, the rose red line in the 1st group is similar to that of the coffee system, so the color effect of the color of the finished product with coffee lines is still pretty;


The name of the shawl:

When I saw the shawl I sent directly with the weaver Lima, I said: It seems like the breath of spring ~ The shawl pattern elements include flowers, leaves, butterflies, butterflies. Thank you friends for such a poetic beauty review! At the same time, thank you for your support in the weaving groups and weaver friends ~


This is the shawl map on the public account of the weaving life. The beautiful flowers and colors are moving at a glance. The rectangular structure is also a beautiful color.

My imitation weaving line also hooks less layers of petals and flowers, and the size is slightly smaller. The colleague said at the annual meeting that it should be like the effect of oil painting.


The effect of no hook dog teeth is added overnight to add hooks up overnight

Weaving records:


1. The structure of the shawl is triangular (I revised it to the middle L -shaped collar port); for the spelling needle method, all the flowers are broken, and the coffee line edges of the coffee line with the coat of color stitching are connected by the edge of the coffee line;

2. The starting method of the coil has a total of 28 main flowers, and the petals are 6 layers; the transition and line volume of color are just right. The flower supplement is half -angle and 3 petals. I changed to 4 petlays of the butterfly -shaped, and the original structure with 6 supplements was changed to 5.

3. Use needle: 1.5-1.75 hooks; the connection part is more compact with 1.25 stitches, the flowers are overlapping, and the stitching is largely afraid of the fall of the flowers. The molding effect is better.

The leaflet uses Irish pattern and needle; a short needle in the outer ring hooks the short needle to increase the three -dimensional feeling; the small leaves do not want to use the brown thread in the coat thread, and the small beads of the leaves are slightly smaller than the main flower. There are maintenances in the design (beads were removed from the collar lace bought in a physical store before, and you can choose small beads such as garnet in the jade shop to embellish it more luxurious and beautiful)


4. The leaves start with 1.5 stitches with 13 lock needles to be replaced with 1.25 needle hook leaves (9 stitches in the thread leaf diagram solution, I adjust to 13 stitches)

5. I have explanations in the pictures in the pictures

Process chart:


First disconnect the required number of flowers.


The number of petals should be 6 layers of petals.


I start the typesetting hook flowers from the bottom. I just look at my habits and hand.

Flowing leaves Flower Store head wearing beads fixed; hook 15 leaflets

The shawl completes the renderings. The layout is the triangle of the L -shaped neckline in the middle.


The illustration is as follows:

Only the unit flower diagram, the network stitching is the number of stitches after the number of pins is calculated. The original illustration is only 4 layers of petals; I also hook it to 6 layers of petals and want to be full. The 6th layer of the number of stitches is a 13 -needle lock needle, and the number of needles of each long needle is the same as the number of needles locking needles; the lock needle is a single number. The start of the coil starts; the reserved line wears beads; this illustration is that 10 petals are changed to 6 petals;

Find a leaf flower map to decompose the leaves of the fringe; 1.5 needle 13 needles and 1.25 needle hooks, the leaf pattern, the outer ring with 1 ring twist the needle to increase the three -dimensional sense, the pins are wearing the pearl leaves here,


I found a universal picture of the triangular shawl structure in the woven book; the number of types of flower films is just combined; the size on the picture is ignored.

It is simple to see the shawl. In fact, it contains a lot of knitting experiences with stitches and color lines. Weaving hard work is also hard. In 2020, please cheer out more beautiful clothes to share! Thank you for your appreciation and support!

• END •

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