The 4th category of the first -line teachers: the principal who can achieve the life of the teacher is the good principal


As we all know, the principals often play a key role in the quality of a school. It can be said,

A good principal is a good school.

The reason why a school is famous is often because the school has a principal who has educated ideals, educational feelings, and dare to carry out educational innovation and practice.

Just like Pavresh Middle School in Suhomlinski, Bazhengyuan to Kobayashi, Xiashan School to Niel, Xiaozhuang Normal University to Tao Xingzhi, Tsinghua University to Mei Yiqi, Peking University of Peking University, Peking University, Peking University Yu Cai Yuanpei.

But to this day, there are fewer and fewer good principals, but bad principals have emerged endlessly.

From first -tier cities to remote counties and villages, from public to private, the principals of some schools do not learn nothing, they do not understand education, but also have brain -dictatorship and bureaucratic thoughts, which makes a school teacher in danger.

If such a unqualified and unqualified principal continues to stay in the school to be blessed, it is not just the education ecology of a school, but also the heart of the majority of teachers.

Today, by talking to many teachers, the teacher summarizes the following four principals who make the first -line teachers the most disgusted. Is there you?


01 President who does not understand education and likes to meet

When I was in high school, there was an unwritten rule in our place.

The principal of many schools does not understand education at all.

Some principals became principals without even being a teacher.

Although the principal had been a teacher, he forgot that he was a teacher after climbing to the principal. They are neither class nor the class teacher, nor will they sneak to study education and teaching.

They can only have one thing, that is to meet. After the superior, the principal first thought of the meeting to study.

What activities to do in the school and deploy a meeting. There was a problem with the school’s work, and the meeting was criticized.

In short, learning meetings, teaching and research must meet, and summarize the meeting.

From the perspective of the principal, the meeting is a universal magic weapon, and there is nothing to solve the meeting. This principal who does not understand education only meets the meeting, stupid and incompetent, and the development of schools often stagnates under the obstacles of this principal.

02 I just want to be an official and do not do practical things

There is also a kind of principal, which is particularly common in public schools.

That is to just want to be an official and do not do it.

Only ups and signs, there are only superiors and leaders in their eyes, and there are no teachers and students.

Such principals often eat fat -headed and ears, full of oily, and bureaucratic atmosphere.

In order to welcome the arrival of a leader, he let the children stand in the door and welcomed the sun in the door.

In order to create a special demonstration school, he forced the teachers and students of the school to falsify and organize fake materials.

Such principals are keen to engage in formalism and especially like face projects. Teachers and students are in his eyes, but they are just a tool to please superiors to advance.

Such principals often like to reward the good and not worry, and like to bring him honor and awards.

Once the teacher has no use of value, the principal will abandon it. The harm of this kind of principal is to quickly destroy the good atmosphere of a school, leading to the rapid decline in the quality of education in schools.

03 President of the “Emperor Emperor”

One kind of principal is the first -line teacher hates, that is, the autocratic principal, commonly known as the “Emperor Emperor” in the school.

What kind of principal cares most is to maintain his authority among teachers. For example, he is particularly afraid of hearing the different opinions of the teacher, and more afraid that the teacher tells the truth to refute himself.

The way he manages the school is to formulate a set of severe punishment to make teachers tame and obedient. This system now has a nice name called

“Refined management”


“Teacher Quantitative Assessment”


In short, this system is very meticulous and tedious. For teachers, such as the palm of the Buddha’s palm, it can’t be turned out how you toss.

In order to force teachers to fight, such principals often set up a supervision team or the efficiency office. The organization members are generally served as leading cadres. Their task is to supervise the teacher’s every move.

Once a teacher violates the regulations, it will be recorded in the case. If it is lightly deducted, the score is notified, and the penalties will be fined and canceled the annual evaluation.

Under the prostitutes of this kind of principal, many teachers are trembling every day, like a thin ice, for fear of what mistakes they have made.

They don’t think about education and teaching every day. What they think is not to violate the regulations, and how they are not informed by the school.


This kind of principal is the most harmful. They turn the school into a prison and treat the teacher as a prisoner, which will make a school that should have been full of vitality and creativity.

04 The principal who squeezes the life of the teacher and lacks humanity

The last class of principals often appear in private schools. Such principals are exquisite self -reliance, and only the maximization of school interests.

What is the best guarantee for school interests is the school’s entry rate. Only by the continuous stability of the studies, can it attract the continuous source of students.

In addition, teachers of private schools are often liquid, so such principals use their labor value to squeeze the labor value of these teachers.

It is ugly, usually the female teacher calls as a male teacher, and the male teacher is called by a beast.

In the eyes of this kind of principal, the teacher is either a teacher or the employees they hire. You can’t talk about conditions yet. If you do it well, you can do it.

And in this kind of principal, the principal is particularly lacking humanity and never caring for teachers.

Do not ask for leave with such principals because you can’t get rid of it at all. If you have something to deal with in your family, he thinks you neglect your duties.

You need to rest when you are sick. He talks with you selfless dedication. He is best at drawing big cakes for teachers, but he never has a little more force and spending a penny to improve the teacher’s happiness.

The most harmfulness of such principals allows teachers to be tired of work and enjoy their dignity and professionalism as a teacher.


The above four types of principals are some of the most prominent negative models of the current school, and they are also the principals that are most disgusted, annoying, and hated by front -line teachers.

If the principals of the school saw this article, you suddenly felt a little bit responding, and felt that some part of the text seemed to be yourself. I advised you to take a seat, reflect early, and change the past.


Some people say that you just criticize the construction, why don’t you talk about what the principal’s standard is like.

In fact, the standard of good principals is very simple. As long as we do not do these four types of principals, go towards the opposite of them, be a understanding of education and less meeting, do not want to be officials, just want to do practical things, implement school democratic management, and have more humanistic care for teachers. The principal who achieves the life of the teacher, then you will be able to be a good principal, maybe you will also become a principal.


I have also encountered several good principals. They take root in the countryside, love students, love education, and treat teachers as colleagues who jointly realize the ideal of education. Treating teachers is like treating their loved ones and friends.

I also hope that more and more principals, more and more good teachers can grow into good principals, so that our education will have hope.

Written at the end:

Finally, I want to give the principal Mr. Tang Yong:

We must not take the principal too much. It is an experience in life, a page resume in the file, and a period of experience in work.

Teachers are our career and our lifelong career. Being a good teacher should become our eternal interest and eternal pursuit.

This article is written by Su Linfa, a special author of “Test Teachers” and “Teacher Pillow Book”

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