He Sui’s supermodel tempera


As everyone’s understanding of fashion and beauty has continued to improve, more and more people are not very blindly rushing to fashion, but they are willing to invest in very classic items.

Classic costumes have the advantages of not outdated and very versatile. The appearance rate is high and can be worn for a long time. In this way, the cost performance is very high, and it can also make the shape more high -level. Impression.

The coat exists like this. It is thin and foreign in autumn and winter, and it is also an indispensable shirt for various stars and fashion masters. Different lengths and versions of coats will also bring very different overall effects Essence


And the super -style coat is a very special existence. The proud height of the supermodel He Sui puts out the long coat with a perfect effect.


However, the high -end coat control is a bit difficult, and it has high requirements for the temperament. He Sui wore a milk tea color ultra -long plush coat shape, and her foreign style was also very textured.

I have to say that He Sui’s temperament and figure are superior, so that there is no feeling of delay in the shape. If you also have a good temperament and proud height, you must try a long coat.

He Sui’s supermodel temperament is different from others. Wearing a long coat, you can still see the white glow. Many people think that it is only suitable for tall women. In fact, as long as you master the techniques of choosing Try boldly, you can also wear good -looking effects.

As long as you pay attention to the proportion and color matching, as well as the details of the version of the coat, you can wear a natural effect. First of all, the version of the version should be self -cultivated. Once the long style is too loose, it is easy to wear a very bloated feeling.

Therefore, the tailoring of the H -shaped and relative combination, it can be worn well and can be worn and thinner. And it is best to open the buttons, strengthen the visual effect of the lines.

From the perspective of color matching, it is recommended that the simpler the better. It must not be matched with a very fancy feeling. It is too high to wear a very cheap feeling for the stacking feeling of elements.


The color scheme like He Sui is very simple. The classic black and coat buttons echo, and the overall sense is not messy, but it also brings a strong visual impact. And the less color of the long coat, the better the color, so as to play a highlight of the focus. Do not let the color schema grab the limelight of the coat, and it is easy to improve the difficulty of control.


The reason why ultra -long coats are eye -catching is completely because the flowers feel elegant, but the length should not be too exaggerated. Unless you also have the height of the supermodel, the position of the ankle is the most ideal, otherwise it is very very very very good. It is easy to wear procrastination, and it is easy to make you look short.

In addition, remember that the next installation must be simpler and simple, and the formation of a certain degree of contrast also has the role of gravity.


Of course, there are some women who like to wear a more chic and casual feeling. Wide -leg pants and long coats are very eye -catching. But this combination must adjust the length of the coat, and the length of the calf is the ideal.

It is conducive to weakening the thickness of the feet, and at the same time makes the shape look more layered, which is also conducive to making you look taller. But don’t challenge the small man in this way, it is difficult to wear the desired effect if you wear it. It is better to match the pants or boots with skinny legs.


The H version of the long coat is foreign and fashionable, but it is difficult to wear a very elegant feeling. For some women with relatively gentle and fresh temperament, you can choose a coat with a belt design, which is easier to wear a very stable effect.

And the matching of the belt can highlight the advantages of thin waist, and has a strong optimization effect on the proportion of the figure. Easily presents the effect of short up and down, and the shape of long legs will naturally be very tall. And for young girls, the long coat of the belt design is also higher. It uses a simple and straight line to play the effect of vertical stretching. sense.