Decrypted U.S. military uniform design: Eisenhower has personally fucking the improvement of the M1941 field jacket


The United States was the most powerful country in the world at the time in the late World War II, which cannot be denied.


Essence The powerful United States is not only from the military industry, but also reflects its strong national strength. Especially in the middle and late stages, its national strength has even made the old -fashioned world power, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union.


For example, the total economic volume, the American industrial production capacity has accounted for half of the world’s industrial production capacity at the end of World War II, and the total economic volume accounts for 60%of the world. Steel output was 80 million tons, and steel output accounted for 63.92%of the world in 1945. The level of modern industrial production, the level of automation, and production efficiency of the United States are far higher than Europe and Japan, ranking first in the world.


Of course, without the materials presented by Americans, the Soviet Union could not survive the winter of 1942.

Although the United States is the world’s first power in the middle and late World War II, this country does have no history (relatively speaking)

There are not many inheritance, most of them are exported culture.

Especially the US military uniform during World War II, how to look at the British and French countries


No matter how the U.S. military deny, their military uniforms do learn from the design of Britain and France. However, the U.S. military pursues “pragmatism” and is not all copied.


Their uniform fabrics are mostly cotton and canvas, and they use khaki and olive green as the main color (these two colors are also mainstream so far). The practicality and durability are strong!

U.S. military officers in World War II are still a more traditional suit neckline to add clothes. The combat service has been modified to a short jacket, which is convenient for bringing a large number of installations. The US military combat uniform does not emphasize the closing of the waist, but it is generally resistant and practical.

Now, we will take stock of the two most classic U.S. military uniforms -M1941 field jackets and HBT military uniforms.

M1941 field jacket

We know that the iterative updates of the US military uniform during World War II have blended from M1941 to M1943 cotton jackets, and then to the M1951 Royal Cold Field Jacket, and then the multi -function M1965 is now. Therefore, the M1941 field jacket is the originator of the US military’s modern military uniform.

In 1938, under the suggestion of Major Army James K. Parsons, the US military demand department launched a yellow -brown jacket with a civilian trench coat as a blueprint, and after several modifications, it was finalized in June 1941. Therefore, this combat service that does not have a formal name is called “Parsons jacket” or “M1941 combat jacket” by soldiers.

However, due to its problems such as color, fabrics, and comfort, it has caused widespread controversy in the use of the army. During 1943, the US Army’s office was inspired by the M1941 jacket, advocating the development of a new type of jacket, and wrote a letter to supervise General Marshall to formulate a new uniform standard plan on May 5 of the same year. The incident caused great interest in General Essehwaer, so General Eisenhower designed and guided the new type of Army standard clothing plan to start that year.


This is also the first time that the M1941 field jacket has attracted the attention of the senior leader of the country, and the design of the knife!

HBT military uniform

In the 1930s, the U.S. Army began to distribute to soldiers blue and khaki cotton set for daily training. After the outbreak of World War II, the U.S. military began to step up the development of a new generation of training uniforms. In 1941, a new set of matching troops, a “humanoid” fabric (also known as human character in China). The clothing made of such fabrics is collectively referred to as HBT. Compared to the flat (oblique) fabric, HBT has a better strength.

In the hot environment, the U.S. military is wearing HBT military uniforms. This kind of military uniform was first distributed in the army in 1941. It is made of olive green human -like fabric. The texture of this fabric is relatively thin, but it does not lack wear resistance. It is suitable for wearing in a hot environment.

This military uniform has two large pockets and expanded pleats on the chest. The folds are straight and the front placket is anti -toxic lining (special version). There are two buttons underneath, which can be buckled with anti -toxic wool hairs.

It is worth mentioning that the US military’s HBT military uniform also has a double camouflage version.

However, the HBT military uniform in the US military in the camouflage is easily mistaken for the Germans by the Allies. Therefore, the HBT military uniform of the double camouflage was disabled after landing on the Normandy.