I have thrown away the jeans, just because I saw Song Yanyu’s “collapse pants”, and it was thin and covered with meat.


I believe that many people love and hate jeans, because they are well worn, the version is suitable for themselves, it will modify the legs as long as the legs, but it is easy to expose their legs when they are not dressed, but When I saw this black “pants” wearing Song Yanxuan at the airport, I had given up jeans. Song Yanxuan’s oral test was not only thin, but also covered with thieves!

Song Yanfu, who appeared at the airport this time, was so cute, looks like a little cow, the black and white color matching is simple and stylish, with a pair of black “collapse pants” very versatile. It is relatively soft and loose to wear, so it is called “collapse pants”. This pants have the effect of modifying the leg shape. The black trousers are still thin!


Now I have thrown away jeans in autumn, because this time I saw Song Yanhuan appeared at the airport and wore a pair of black “collapse pants”. Song Yanhuan is called fashion than people, so every time she appears in the airport, she is also very popular. This pants this time are more friendly than jeans. Modify all legs!

The design of the shirt of the shirt can highlight the exquisite collarbone, add some sexy charm, and the silk -like texture of the shirt will be more comfortable and breathable. It also has a modified effect. Oxford shoes, such shoes are very versatile, and the effect of Song Yanhuan’s overall wear is really thin!


Next, let’s enjoy some of the fashionable styles of Song Yanxuan’s usual fashion. The revealing white waist of the white navel in the white navel is also very enviable!


Song Yanxuan’s coat this time wearing a black leather jacket, the loose version is very handsome, paired with black leather skirts, the ultra -short skirt can perfectly reveal slender legs, on the feet, feet Black boots tight -fitting style can modify the leg shape, super long legs!