The single -breasted and double -breasted suit guide that the charming man must know


Autumn is here, men, have you prepared your handsome suit? Some people say that suit is a gentleman’s armor. As a person in the workplace, it is necessary to choose a suitable “armor”. According to the buttons, there are two classic tailoring in the suit and double -breasted buckle. What is the difference between these two styles? What occasions are suitable for wearing? Today, I will solve these doubts for everyone.

1. Different number of buttons


It is not difficult to see from the literal meaning that the number of buttons of single buckle and double -breasted suits must be different. There is only one row of buttons in a single buckle suit, and one buckle, two buckles and three buckles are subdivided. Two of them are the most common.

Single -breasted suit

There are two rows of buttons in the double -breasted suit. The rows inside are decorated, and the row outside can be buckled. There are four buckles, six buckles and eight buckles, and six of them are the most classic.

Double -breasted suit


2. Different collar types

The collar of the single -breasted suit includes the Notch Lapel, the Peak Lapel, and the Shawl Lapel. The collar of the double -breasted suit has a sword collar and the green mouth collar. Among them, the sword collar is more common, and it can apply to higher -end occasions.


Sword collar

3. The feeling of dressing is different

In general, there are many single -breasted suits, which is very popular among young people. The double -breasted suit has the feeling of military uniforms, which gives people an integrity and toughness. At the same time, it has a sense of tailoring and fashion, which is more difficult to control than single -breasted suit. After World War II, single -breasted buckles are becoming more and more popular around the world. Both suites are richer in style and tailoring. This difference is becoming more and more blurred.

Two -row four buckle suit

4. Different occasions that are suitable for wear

Single row, one capsule


: Initially worn on celebrations and banquets, it is also applicable now, and can be worn in work and life.

Two -row two buckle

: Whether it is a formal occasion or business leisure, this style can be applied, which can be called universal model, which is the most formal in a single buckle.

Single -row three buckle

: Suitable for formal occasions.

Double buckle

: There is a sense of solemnity and calmness. It is mostly used for formal occasions.

5. Different methods of buttons


One -row and one buckle

: When wearing, you usually buckle the button, and you must solve it when you sit down.

: Do not buckle the button below.

: The buttons in the middle must be buckled.

: It is generally deducted, but now the bottom of the bottom is not deducted.

6. Different matching matching

Many times, single -breasted suits are more casual, and they look good with casual pants with suitable colors, such as blue single -breasted suit and gray pants. Double -breasted suits are mostly used for formal occasions, so you can’t just put on jeans. What we generally see now is a double -breasted suit. Of course, you can also match high -quality trousers of the same color.

7. Oriental people are suitable for wearing single -breasted or double -breasted suits?

In general, the oriental human body is medium, and it is more suitable for wearing a single buckle suit. Two buckles can be selected for fat points. The neckline is low, which makes people look more slender. If you are a tall man, you can choose a single -row three -buckle and double -breasted suit to highlight your overall silhouette.


8. Single -breasted buckles are very popular, double -breasted buckles are very personal, and they cannot be missing in the wardrobe.

If you already have a few single -breasted suit in your wardrobe, try to buy a good dual -breasted suit. It is not the mainstream, but it is classic and very personal. If your body is medium or slender, it will be the best choice to set off your figure. So,

How to choose a double -breasted suit?


Intersection Please pay attention to the following details:


Knowing your body shape, medium or slender figure is the most suitable, it can make you look longer.

If you want to highlight the shirts and ties wearing inside, select the wider sword collar neckline.

Six buckles are the most lethal. Pay attention to the appropriate fabric and color, such as dark blue fine stripe wool. (Reference/RealMenRealstyle)

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Two -row two buckle

Single -row three buckle

Double buckle