Winter is the most suitable for wearing boots. The handsome and warm knight boots are worn like this, fashionable and thin legs


Winter is the most suitable season for wearing boots. In the winter lunar month, a pair of beautiful and suitable boots can express your attitude towards fashion. sex.


Compared to the popular Martin boots in the past two years, the popular knight boots in the past two years seem to be more popular with fashion ladies and sisters. In winter, it is most suitable for wearing boots. The handsome and warm knight boots are worn like this, fashionable and thin legs.

1. Sweater+small feet pants+knight boots

The casual hooded sweater will appear very dynamic to wear. This hooded sweater is called a stronger product with a strong sense of age. Therefore, the sense of restrictions on age is very small. Whether it is young girls or years, it The old -age women did not have a sense of dismissal. The lower body was paired with slim -fitting pants and Knight boots of the same color. It was handsome and energetic.

This combination usually belongs to the very typical upper Panasonic tight. The upper body sweater or coat is more loose in style design and strong comfort. The lower body is matched with slim -fitting pants. The slender sense on the type, with the same color knight boots at the same time, will also visually show the delay effect.

Second, leather clothing+small foot pants+knight boots

Many young ladies who like neutral style are very much preferred by leather jackets. The design of the leather is usually not very flexible in the design of the fabric, so the requirements for the body are usually slightly higher. If you are comfortable, you can try to use a moderate and loose top to present the matching effect you want.


Third, down jackets+small pants+knight boots

If you want to upgrade the warmth effect, you must wear down jackets in winter to wear in winter. The short white down jacket is neat and fresh to wear. There is a sense of girlishness and sweetness. Black slim -fitting pants, the color matching of the upper and lower body color matching is used to present the classic color matching effect.


When using loose down jackets with slim -fitting pants, the feet are paired with a pair of middle -style knight boots. The overall shape looks both full of sweetness and can be worn through the combination of small foot pants and knight boots. In addition to the very bright skin, warm yellow down jackets can also show more girly sense.


Fourth, plush jacket+small foot pants+knight boots

The furry short jacket can be worn warm and sweet and sweet on the girl’s body. The lower body is matched with the basic black pants, the upper pine is tight, and the color is shallow and deep. There are a lot of fashion sense.

Fifth, sweater+black silk+knight boots

Miss and sisters with very beautiful legs can try to use loose sweaters with black stockings to match the matching effect that emphasizes the key points. The sexy and bold on the feet, the black knight boots on the feet increase the warmth, and at the same time, you can also wear the advantages of long legs.


Six, suit+small foot pants+knight boots

If you want to wear a little and capable, you can try the matching method of using simple suits with a slim -fitted pants and knight boots to show the effect you want. The color matching is very harmonious. The white knight boots on the feet echo the color of the white suit on the upper body. The sense of harmony is very strong.

Seven, knitted skirt+coat+knight boots

The young ladies and sisters who are not afraid of cold usually like to wear knight boots in light legs. Light -colored knitted skirts are used as inside. They are paired with checkered medium -length coats. The retro effect of the checkered element, with the knight boots on the feet, is full of prosperity.

Winter is the most suitable season for wearing boots. If you want to keep warm and foreign, you can wear knight boots like a model.

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