“Fashion Dad” Yang Mi really can wear it.


“A small black dress, never dress up, nor negligence.” – Karl Ragfi

Yang Mi, as one of the small flowers in the eighth fifth, one of the four small flowers, not only has a high reputation in the entertainment industry. At the same time, she also has a certain position in the fashion industry. Her private clothes are also frequently searched, and even caused a fashion trend of “power -style wear”, and she is always at the forefront of fashion, is a fashion tide, leading today’s fashion wear Essence

Yang Mi’s private server is always self -contained in a system. Whether it is simple items or relatively fancy items, Yang Mi can always easily control and wear its own characteristics. Whether it is the youthful girl style or the fashionable fashion trend of the cool street, it has appeared in Yang Mi’s private clothes. Yang Mi’s private clothes are still valuable for us ordinary people. If you want to wear fashion, you must learn the power -style wear.

Look1: Disappear in the lower body

Yang Mi’s lower body disappearance method can be said to have a place in the fashion circle. It has also caused a trend in the wearing of many celebrities. Individual existence.

The disappearance of the lower body can perfectly cover the defects of our upper body, and also highlight the leg lines, especially suitable for Apple -shaped figure. However, it should be noted that when the young girl is missing the top in the lower body, they must not only be wide, and choose the right one.

Yang Mi’s dress can be said to be a very classic way to wear the lower body. The black long short sleeves cover the crotch perfectly, and then with the sexy black silk, the overall looks pure and desired. Black leather shoes have added a sense of high -level dressing to the overall dress. A black suit jacket echoes the overall. It is very good. There is no sense of disobedience. The overall pure desire and advanced.


Yang Mi’s suit is also a way of missing the lower body. The wide suit just reached the root of the thigh, covering the clothes of the lower body. The use of the disappearance of the upper and lower bodies in the suit reduces the formal sense of the suit and increases a touch of playfulness. At the same time, with black mid socks, black leather shoes and black bags, this body is simple and atmospheric.


Key points: The best way to wear the lower body is best matched with medium -length socks or shoes.


Look2: shorter and down long+tight and lower loose


Yang Mi 166’s height is relatively high among girls. At the same time, she prefers to wear short -lasting and tightly loose methods.

The method of wearing up and down will play a significant role. It will visually have a effect of lengthening the leg length, so that the entire body shows a standard three or seven points.


The method of wearing and loosening can perfectly cover the defects of your crotch, and at the same time highlight the curve of the upper body, which can have a thin effect.


Yang Mi’s short white tight top with black workers is a classic black and white color matching, but it looks cool and spicy. The short small top showed a slight waist, highlighting his good figure. Black workers and black Martin boots are cool street winds, but the hot girl style of the white short small top has neutralized the coolness of the lower body.

This V -neck short top with light -colored jeans is full of youth. The V -neck stretched the neck visually, highlighting the perfect swan neck, and also exposed the collarbone, highlighting its skin texture. The loose jeans of the lower body can cover the defects of their lower body, which is more suitable for girls with less perfect lower body. At the same time, with white canvas shoes, the matching of this body is very young, full of youth.

Key points: The upper body tight and lower body needs to choose loose pants


The whole body will have a feeling of “spiritual little girl”. The looseness of the whole body will be fat and bloated.

Look3: with a bag hat, etc.

In Yang Mi’s private server, most of them will be paired with a bag hat. The combination of bag hats can make the overall matching style stronger, and it will have an effect that echo the clothes. It has a finishing touch. The matching of the bag increases the overall sense of fashion and advanced, and the matching of the hat adds some leisure and lazy sense. Selecting the right bag on the right occasion and matching will double the overall matching effect.


Yang Mi’s purple body disappearance can be said to be very classic. Purple -wide coat with black silk Martin boots, the whole is very pure, and the purple bag that is matched can be said to be very just right. It echoes the purple coat. The lower half of the bag is dark. It played a role of “inheritance up and down”, which not only undertakes the purple of the upper body, but also connects the black silk of the lower body, adding a sense of high -level to the overall dress.


The short -lasting dress on this body makes the whole person’s aura very strong, and it is even more powerful to add the leather jacket in the hand. The suit pants are relatively formal. The leather jacket is cool, and the leisure of the peaked cap neutralizing the formal of the suit pants. The cool leather jacket makes the overall dress softer.

“Your dressing is the way you show yourself to the world, especially in the moment, the contact between people is so short, but fashion is an instantaneous communication.” – Mulesia Prada

Yang Mi’s dressing is to show himself in his own way. Yang Mi’s private clothes are very distinctive and worthy of our reference to study. It is not only her method of dressing, but also her unique ideological thinking and ideas is worthy of our learning. In fact, it is not difficult for us to see from Yang Mi’s wear that in order to wear a sense of fashion, we need to form a set of our own wearing system and ideas. This is to show the world to show its own system and method.

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