This year’s popular style, called: coat+trousers, thin and tall, more fashionable in change of thinking


How classic the coat is, I believe everyone knows that with the passage of time, many items have disappeared without a trace, but the coat is still a popular item with a fashion industry. Whether it is 10 years or 20 years, the fashion style of the coat has become more and more recognizable. It has never been eliminated by the times for other reasons and replaced by other items.

The coat is very plastic, can show a variety of matching styles, neat workplace styles, or leisure daily fashion style, classic simple style. No matter which style you choose, the coat will show the highest level, making your image more generous.


Although there are many advantages of coats, in the process of matching, I believe that many girls have found that there will be many problems with the combination of coats and pants. Many people are struggling. fashionable? In fact, you don’t need to try how much design, you only need to coordinate with the coat to create a more favorable style. How to match it can refer to the following knowledge points.

One: What kind of trousers should I choose with a coat?

01 • Light -colored trousers

A coat is a relatively heavy fashion item. Combined with pants, you should find a sense of tacit understanding. There are many types of long pants, but the more recognizable pants, counting light -colored trousers. This kind of pants look more neat, combined with dark coats, can create a classic workplace style, and can also show a sense of high -level style.


In other words, when choosing light -colored trousers, you can present more new styles with the coat. This kind of matching method is more stylish and taste than ordinary wide -leg pants. The fat effect of the trousers is obvious. After all, this kind of pants are very inclusive and the version is loose enough. Even if it is a fat girl, it can wear a paper person.

02 • Basic trousers


Classic trousers, simpler design, such as white basic trousers, this kind of pants are very popular, especially some women in European and American countries, prefer to match white trousers, combined with complex items to make up to form a composition The new style, this matching method is to use the “simple+complex” rules.

It shows a stronger sense of fashion. The reason why the coat is recommended, with the basic white trousers, because this pants are more plastic. Whether it is a complex coat or a simple coat, the style is not easy to make mistakes.

03 • Classic denim trousers

Most of the long pants style are relatively simple styles, but denim trousers show a sense of lazy, even retro style, which can make the image more free and easy. Jeans, the style looks more casual, with a strong neutral style, making the image of girls more attractive.

This kind of pants style is not complicated. You can choose a unique coat to combine and match, such as choosing a leather fabric coat. This style looks more aura. It feels like a street rock singer, and he is very angry when he walks.

Two: Analysis of multiple matching methods of coats and trousers

1. Black coat+white trousers+boots

For small girls, if you want to match long pants, it will cause various problems, but changing a matching method can turn trousers into a leggings, such as black coats with white trousers, choose one to choose one The boots in the model make the pants into leggings, and the overall style will look more handsome.


The matching method of long pants has a new interpretation, and the overall style is more distinctive. If you don’t like this kind of matching method, you can also take out the pants from the boots to make the trousers a wide -leg pants. This is another new way, and it also interprets a new style, so it is obvious that the plasticity of long pants is very strong. You can use a set to interpret a variety of styles.

2. Black suit coat+black trousers+camel scarf


Most people choose trousers with almost basic methods. For example, using black trousers and black suit coats, this color matching method is too ordinary, it is difficult to highlight the highlights.


But with a camel scarf, the overall style is more vivid and interesting instantly, and this color color is also very high. The small area of ​​the camel will make the match more quality. After all More quality and fashionable style.


The combination of coats and trousers is a very lazy and comfortable style. Of course, it is not just this style, but also can interpret other styles. Everyone’s matching method is different. With the gap between aesthetics, so there is a gap between the aesthetics, so The style that is finally created has its own characteristics. If you let you match your coats and trousers, which style will you explain?

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