Full Raiders of Outdoor headlights: 6 major elements of buying headlights and 12 best backpack guest headlights


The headlight that uses the battery power is the ideal field personal lighting appliance.

The most attractive part of the headlights can be worn on the head, so that the hands are liberated, so that the hands have more free movement space. It can easily cook for dinner, build a tent in the night or travel at night.

In 80%, your headlights will be used to illuminate small items that are close, such as equipment or food in the tent, and the remaining 20%of the time headlights are used for short -distance walking at night.


In addition, please note that we are not talking about high -power lamps that light up the dew. What we are talking about is the ultra -light front headlight designed for long -distance backpack travel.

1. Factors that need to be considered to choose headlights:

1. Weight: (not more than 60 grams)

The weight of most headlights is between 50 and 100 grams. If a disposable battery is used to provide electricity, you must carry enough spare batteries for long -distance hiking.

This will definitely increase the weight of your backpack, but using the rechargeable battery (or lithium battery), you only need to pack and carry the charger, which can save weight and storage space.

2. Brightness: (at least 30 lumens)

First -class is a standard measurement unit, which is equivalent to the amount of light emitted by a candle in one second.


Lishu is also used to measure the amount of light emitted by the headlights.

The higher the lumens, the more light emitted by the headlights.

A 30 -luming headlight is enough.

For example, the range of most indoor lighting is between 200-300. Most front lights provide a wide range of brightness output settings, so you can adjust the brightness to meet the needs of specific lighting.

please remember,

The bright headlight with high lumens has a fatal weakness -their battery consumption is amazing.

Some ultra -light backpackers will actually carry the 10 -lumic keychain flashlights on their hat on foot.


Having said that, the lighting technology has improved so, so that you rarely see the headlight below 100 lumens in the market.

3. Beam distance: (at least 10m)

The beam distance refers to the lighting distance of the light. The beam distance of the headlight can ranging from as low as 10 meters to 200 meters.

However, the maximum beam distance provided by charging and disposable battery headlights is between 50 and 100 meters.

This depends entirely on your needs, for example, how many night walking you plan to do.

If you travel at night, the strong light beam can indeed help cross the thick fog, identify the talc at the intersection of the stream, or evaluate the slope of the path.

4. Light mode settings: (spotlight, pan -light, alarm light)

Another important feature of the headlight is its adjustable beam settings.

There are multiple options to meet all your night lighting needs.

Here are the most common settings:



The spotlight setting provides high -intensity and sharp beams, just like the spotlight performed by the theater.

This setting provides the farthest and most direct beam for the lamp, which is very suitable for long -distance use.


The pan -light light setting is to illuminate the area around you.

It provides low -intensity and wide light, just like light bulbs.

Compared with the spotlight, its overall brightness is low, which is most suitable for close -range activities, such as in tents or around the camp.

Signal light:

The signal light setting (also known as “Flash”) will emit red flashing light.

This beam settings are designed to be used for emergency, because the flashing red lights can be seen from a distance, and it is generally considered a signal for help.

5. Waterproof: (at least 4+ ipx levels)

Find the number from 0 to 8 after finding “IPX” in the product description:

IPX0 means no waterproof at all

IPX4 means that it can handle splattered water

IPX8 means that it can be completely immersed in the water.

When buying headlights, look for products between IPX4 and IPX8.

6. Battery life: (Suggestion: high brightness mode for more than 2 hours, low brightness mode for more than 40 hours)

Some high -power headlights will quickly exhaust the battery power. If you plan to travel for a few days at a time, you must consider this.


In low intensity and power saving mode, headlights should always last for at least 20 hours.

This is a few hours that you can go out at night, plus some emergency situations.

Second, 12 best ultra -light back bag lights:


1. Black Diamond SPOT 350 headlights:

Price: about $ 40

Weight: 3 ounces

(1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams)

Lishu: 350 the largest

Big beam distance: 86 m


Waterproof: IPX8*

operation hours:

Low = 200 hours

High = 3.75 hours

This small headlight is powered by a single charging lithium -ion battery, which is very suitable for off -road runners and hiking travelers.

The headlight has three settings: full light, lighting and flash.

It also has a three -level power display, which can display the remaining power.

2. PETZL IKO headlights:

Price: $ 90

Weight: 2.8 ounces

Lishu: 500


Maximum beam distance: 100 m

Waterproof: IPX4*


Running time: low = 100 hours average = 9 hours high = 2.5 hours

IKO is the latest headlight of PETZL.

It is widely used and light weight, which is the best choice for various outdoor adventures.

Petzl Iko does not look like other headlights. After wearing it, you will find that its weight is neatly distributed around the head, and it is very comfortable to wear for a few hours.

Not only its excellent design, but also its performance. This headlight provides 350 lumens, put on the neck, wrapped around the branches or rods.

3. Petzl Actik Core headlights:

Price: $ 65


Weight: 2.6 ounces

Lishu: 450 the largest

Big beam distance: 90 m

Running time: low = 130 hours average = 8 hours high = 2 hours

If you need to pass through the woods at night and need a lot of brightness, Petzl’s Actik Core is a must -have headlight.

It can provide a brightness of up to 350 lumens, simple use, the single button on the top allows you to switch between different brightness levels.

Actik Core can recharge the battery pack with Petzl, and you can also put AAA in the headlight as a replacement.

4. Petzl bindi headlights:

Price: $ 45

Weight: 1.2 ounces

Lishu: 200 maximum

Big beam distance: 36 m

Running time: low = 50 hours average = 3 hours high = 2 hours

This USB charging headlight is super compact and light weight, which can be placed in the palm of the hand.

It is fixed by two adjustable elastic ropes, not a traditional headband.

This headlight has a good “reserve” mode, which can store 3 lumens of light 1.5 hours after the battery is exhausted.

It also has an emergency red frequency flashing light, which shows that the distance is 400 meters and can last for 200 hours.

This headlight is most suitable for urban running or tame hiking.

5. PETZL: tikka headlight:

Price: $ 30

Weight: 2.9 ounces

Lishu: 300 maximum

Big beam distance: 65 m

Running time: low = 120 hours average = 9 hours high = 2 hours

Petzl Tikka is a good choice for backpackers who want to be strong and reliable.


It uses a standard single elastic head to bring an average weight, a top -installed button to switch between lighting mode.

TIKKA can use up to 60 hours at high power, use 240 hours at low power or 400 hours under frequency flash.

It is powered by three AAA batteries or optional PETZL rechargeable batteries.

6. Biolite Headlamp 330 headlights:

Price: $ 60

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Lishu: 330

Big beam distance: 75 m

Running time: low = 40 hours high = 3.5 hours

At first glance, you will notice that this charged headlight is different from other headlights.


This headlight adopts a slim structure, which can adjust the built -in light of the light, and it is flat with your forehead.

This can be more stable to fix the headlights, and because the headband itself is designed with hygroscopic sweats, it also helps maintain the front forehead and dry.

7. NITECORE NU25 headlights:

Price: $ 36.95

Weight: 1 ounce

Lishu: 360 Lishu


Big beam distance: 81 m

Waterproof: ipx6*

Running time: low = 160 hours standard = 8 hours high = 5 hours

Nitecore NU25 offers 10 different lighting options, including weak light, strong light, hunting or “encountering danger”.

Its brightness reaches 360 lumens, and this headlight is practical and has a short charging time, which is very suitable for hike, camping, backpack travel or hiking.

8. Fenix ​​HM50R headlights:

Weight: 2.2 ounces

Lishu: 500 lumen

Big beam distance: 80M

Running time: low = 90 hours = 24 hours high = 10 hours

FENIX is light weight, and has a strong body with the best waterproof performance. The beam can reach more than 250 meters.


It is made of aviation -grade aluminum and can ensure the quality of the material for life. It also comes with replacement parts and 5 -year free warranty, which can repair any damage related to normal use.

9. Monoprice Pure Outdoor

Price: $ 14

Weight: 2.2 ounces

Lishu: 215 Lishu

Big beam distance: 150M

Waterproof: IPX4*

Run time: 2.5 hours high

This charged headlight can emit strong light at a long distance, and the price is very reasonable.


This simple headlight is suitable for hiking or in cities in remote areas.

10. Foxelli MX200 headlights:

Price: $ 14.97

Lishu: 180 Lishu

Big beam distance: 90M


Waterproof: IPX5*

Running time: low = 40 hours = 10 hours high = 5 hours

This charged headlight is equipped with two miniature USB cables, with 3 different white light and two LED red light options.

This headlight is very suitable for hiking or short -distance backpacks in rugged terrain.

11. Princeton TEC AXIS headlights:

Price: $ 50

Lishu: 450 Lishu

Big beam distance: 58 m

Running time: low = 120 hours high = 1.25 hours


Princeton TEC AXIS is designed for activities such as hunting, hiking, and caves. It is a well -designed and dynamic charged headlight.

12. DIY: “Clip Lights” clamping light:

Price: $ 15

Weight: 0.25 ounces

Lishu: 4.5 Lishu

Maximum beam distance: U/K

Waterproof: IPX7

Run time: 18 hours

The lanterns are favored by ultra -light backpackers, and they strive to reduce the weight per gram of the kit.

They are easy to clamp anywhere you need, but the output of their 10 lumens is slightly thinner.

Although this lumen is enough to move around the camp, it is not bright enough for most hiking travelers at night.



#on foot#

Waterproof: IPX8*

Waterproof: IPX4*


Waterproof: IPX4*

Waterproof: IPX4*

Waterproof: IPX4*


Waterproof: IPX4*


Price: $ 65

Weight: 2.9 ounces

Weight: 2.4 ounces