Which one is good for down jackets and fur? Who is more warm? After the comparison, I found that the gap is obvious


In winter wearing, down jackets and fur are the items that protect the cold and keep warm. There are many common attributes between the two, but the gap is also obvious, and the controversy on them on the Internet is also very large.

Who is more than a warm artifact, who is even better? How should ordinary people choose?

The difference between down jacket and fur?

Although down jackets and fur are used for warm clothes, whether it is

Appearance, version




There are certain differences.

The down jacket is a kind of fluffy jacket,

The air is used to block the cold air by filling duck down or goose down, so as to achieve warmth effect.

And the higher the fluff, the higher the velvet content, and the higher the fluffyness, the warmer.

Fur, as the name suggests, is made of animal fur.

The version of the fur integrated

Excellent warmth effect



Wind -proof and waterproof


, Locking the internal air, bringing a comfortable and warm -keeping experience of heating.

The advantages and disadvantages of down jackets

Although the down jacket also uses duck down or goose down, it is more environmentally friendly than fur, and it is light, comfortable and warm to wear. The selected style is also dazzling, which meets consumers’ fashion and warmth needs.

However, there are many disadvantages of down jackets.


The light style is not warm enough; the heavy version is bloated to wear

And it is easy to wear for a long time

Diamond, running hair

; Add


Cleaning trouble

If the number of washing times, it will greatly reduce the warmth, which will affect the service life of the down jacket.

The advantages and disadvantages of fur

Fur not only has excellent warmth effect, but also very light and durable. At the same time, it is also a symbol of gorgeous and noble. From the perspective of the appearance version, it is indeed more fashionable than down jackets.

Although there are many advantages, the disadvantages are obvious. Due to its material, fur can only be sent to dry cleaning, and the cost of washing once is 200 ~ 300 yuan. Very



How to choose down jacket vs fur?

The difference between down jackets and fur, the difference between the two is obvious, and both have advantages and disadvantages. So how do you choose?

① keep warm

Actually, we usually wear


Urban down jacket


Because it is necessary to ensure that the version looks good, it is comfortable and fashionable to wear, generally do not fill too many down and special fabrics used.

Naturally not as warm as fur

Of course, the person who went to the polar inspection did not wear fur, they all wore all wearing

Outdoor down jacket

, Its down, fabrics, and craftsmanship are the best,

The warmth effect is also the best

② match angle

down jacket

Due to the defects of the version, how much you wear will look a little bloated, not only

There are limitations in matching, and they are more picky

, Fat -like people are easily exposed to shortcomings when wearing down jackets.


It is a clothes that take care of warmth and fashion, so

Performing and not picking up

③ mainstream trend

With the increasingly bleak fur market, fewer and fewer people wearing fur, more people choose to wear down jackets.

And fur prices have fallen sharply, and the price of down jackets has risen. According to the current situation, down jackets are more in line with the current mainstream trend.


Although the down jacket we wear on weekdays is slightly inferior to fur, but in an all -round way, down jackets have become the “mainstream items” in winter and are more environmentally friendly.

What do you think of it?


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