How can I wear the most handsome men’s styling strategy?


What exactly does the store wear? It seems to be the doubts of many boys. I want to be the focus of the crowd handsomely, but I don’t want to be too exaggerated. I want to get the girl’s heart close, but it cannot be too vulgar. Dressing restrictions, how should I wear the nightclub? Let the team team come to give you some small suggestions

Black level


The nightclub is so dark, should you wear dark colors? Why not, in fact, at night, including formal wine clubs and parties, dark colors are the most textured and safe colors. They are good at using dark tones at different levels. They are matched with texture and taste. If you want to attract girls, the focus is not on the shape. Eyeating, but favorability, sometimes low -key can make people feel at a glance.

Color combination:


Black X gray x deep blue match

Single product combination:

Followed nine -point suit pants+ casual short jacket+ sneakers

Smart Causal’s shape, which is officially and semi -formal, blends into a little street and high street fashion items. Nine -point suit pants are more suitable for nightclub shapes than tannin pants. Very appropriate. Want to be more stylish, and then with Bomber Jacket, Shirt Jacket and other good jackets, a pair of clean shoes under your feet, fashionable and beautiful.

Clothing material


First of all, the nightclub is a crowded environment. Wearing heavy and impermeable fabrics will definitely make you sweaty and embarrassed, and then you are activity. Even if you do n’t dance, you may walk around. Clothing, such as a suit jacket restricted you, making you unable to do yourself freely.

Recommended fabric & single product:


Oxford spinning shirt, pure cotton T, cotton suit pants, nylon jacket


If you want to wear a shirt, you can choose Oxford Textile shirts with good color and good texture, good breathability, comfortable naturally and not too casual. Whether you put on a coat or take off your coat, you can be contented.



Seeing here that I know the pleasing nightclub wear, it is to master a half -formal semi -leisure (but leisure) style. Of course, shoes are also an important part of the overall atmosphere. Wearing shoes is too casual, leather shoes are too formal. At this time, you might as well follow your style of wearing today, add leather shoes with laces, EX. Derby shoes, Martin, strap boots, birds boots, etc.


Many boys will be exaggerated because they want to go to the nightclub and have a high hair, or they completely present a wet shape, accidentally given people without taste. It seems to be greasy and does not seem to be pleasing.

Natural casualness and neatness are the key to the nightclub hairstyle. Shavering the hair on both sides, leaving a sense of weight in the middle, and then combing backwards. Several wearing items are also very lined.



In addition to the main items, choosing the right accessories is definitely the finishing touch effect, but the old saying is still based on texture. The jewelry matching should not be too gorgeous and trivial. , Let you easily show your own taste, you can also integrate with various styles.

Xiaobian’s little suggestion, nightclub wearing do n’t wear

1. Sports (jersey, pants, POLO fir, basketball shoes)


Many boys like to wear jersey and pants when they are okay, and coupled with a pair of proud basketball shoes to create the image of a sunny sports boy, but in the nightclub


2. Beach shape (sandals, vests)

Many nightclubs in China have stipulated that men cannot enter toe, so no matter how comfortable and tide your sandals are, do not take risks well. The nightclub is a bit too casual.

3. Complete suit

Whether it is an eight hundred office workers suit, or a gorgeous and exquisite dinner suit (there will be a cowboy feeling), the style of the complete suit is too restrained, and the movement is tied up and tied, and it is unable to be in the crowd.

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