Yang Yanlin wears her husband’s clothes to take pictures, denim clothes with small vests are beautiful and spicy, abdominal muscle vest line grab mirror


When it comes to the clothing of denim fabrics, what do you think of most? Is it a Hong Kong -style denim jacket; or a denim wide -leg pants that cover the meat; or is the handsome denim vest? I believe that in the hearts of every fashionable woman, they have their favorite denim products, no matter which one, it cannot ignore the advantages they bring.


Yang Yanlin was too charming to wear a denim jacket. The unified fabric of the body was not only monotonous, but she was wearing a very handsome atmosphere. There was a sense of vision of wearing a husband Li Ronghao’s clothes. Highlighting the figure curve, but because of the open effect, it shows the inside vest, which looks beautiful and spicy!

Yang Yanlin wearing a denim dress look

Dress keyword extraction: stiff and stylish, emphasis on contour lines, internal tightness and width

Highlights of styling: Sports vest revealed the abdominal muscle vest line too grabbing the mirror

Yang Yanlin’s beautiful businessmen have always been very good. In the matching of this denim jacket, she chose sports vests as a match. Her body and lines remained very good. Therefore The muscle vest line is too mirror.

Today, Yang Yanlin has reached the middle -aged stage, but the state of the whole person is like a girl, which is very vibrant!


Highlights: Simple style, not simple match

Although the overall shape is simple, it is not simple to match, outlined gray vests with a proud figure, and a stiff denim jacket and denim wide -leg pants. If you look closely, you can find that the waist position of the trousers is tailoring.

A lot of personalized colors have been added to the shape. It is precisely because of the tailoring of personality that it has better stretched the waistline.


Highlights of styling: There is no extra accessories, which is more high -level

Yang Yanlin’s denim shape has no extra accessories embellishment, but it looks particularly high -level and fashionable, and has a feeling that makes people look bright. Keep a brown -red “oil head” short hair, which


The metal -textured earrings make the shape more advanced, weaken the sense of leisure, and increase the high -grade effect.

Highlights of styling: bold exposure to highlight the advantages of the body

Fashionable women often know how to use clothing items to highlight their own advantages. Just like Yang Yanlin, this set of denim, originally tough and ancient looks, because of the combination of sports vests, it instantly looks sexy and charming.

Boldly showing the neck and vest lines were not exposed, but she even showed the confidence of Yang Yilin engraved in her bones!

How to wear a denim product on the body is even more amazing?


01. Learn to use products with contrast

When the overall shape belongs to denim items and the same color is the same, we must learn to change the fixed model to avoid the overall effect of the overall uniform, and use the items with contrast


Leisure, daily, handsome

Positioning, so when matching other auxiliary items, you can use it

Sexy, sweet, intellectual


02. Pay attention to the processing of details to avoid monotonous

Don’t look at Yang Yanlin, this set of denim with simple and refreshing, in fact, it is full of details everywhere, such as classic gray and high -level atmosphere brought by black, better reflect the bright and freshness of denim blue;


Or the details of the jeans can be cut into some slit design and cross -design to improve the eye -catching effect.


03. Make sure the outline of the clothing


Because the denim fabric is relatively included, it is easy to reflect the handsomeness of the shape. At the same time, we must also ensure the outline of the clothing items; emphasize the loose and documented version design, so as to achieve the effect of covering the meat.

The tough lines of denim and the loose version can achieve double advantages.

Fashion summary:

1. On Yang Yanlin, he saw the confidence and courage of a middle -aged woman. Without any constraints and shackles, he dared to be more charming.

2. At the same time as yourself, you must also ensure your own advantages and highlights, rather than blind confidence, otherwise you will be counterproductive. The body advantage and advanced taste are the source of confidence.

If you also like the matching of denim jackets, then you may wish to learn Yang Yilin’s method of dressing and the collision between styles, which may bring you a different sense of experience!