Come and see these long boots that 35 -year -old women love to wear


Many people will not choose the appropriate 35 -year -old boots, so let’s introduce the characteristics of different products based on the boots of the 35 -year -old age section.


1. This boots use high -quality materials, which is comfortable and warm. The round head design is very temperamental, and it can also modify the leg shape well. The flat -bottomed style, walking smoothly and not tired, at the same time does not look bloated. Coupled with the inside of the velvet, warm your feet warmly.


Winter boots in the middle of high students in cotton boots girl tube glue, Korean version flat high boots 11-20 year old female plus velvet

2. This boot uses a long tube design to effectively modify the leg lines. There is a pair of zipper opening and closing on the boots, and it can also have a good warmth effect.


2019 Long Tube Knight 10 -year -old female plus velvet boots, but the new boots of the Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version

3. This boot uses a classic round head design, which can effectively modify the foot lines. The tailoring of the long -tube version is better wrapped in the leg curve of the legs, and it is comfortable and not tired. Inside is a soft and skin -friendly material, which is very comfortable and breathable to wear. Coupled with the style of boots, it is easy to create a sense of playful girls.

12-13-14-15-16 Big Children’s Winter Shoes Youth Junior Middle School Student Girls Passing Kee Boot Boot Boots


4. Boots adopt a middle -tube version design to effectively prevent cold wind from being infused with ankle. Round -headed toe with metal zipper decoration is not only convenient to wear and take off, but also has a good wind -keeping effect. The metal buckle was added at the mouth of the shoe, adding a bit of highlights to the shoes, which is more individual.

Martin 16 Long Tube Winter Boots 13 Middle School Students High Boots Girls 15 -year -old Girl 10 Snow Boot Metal Decoration

5. This snow boots use a classic round head design, which can not only modify long legs. At the same time, it can also effectively prevent the warmth of the cold wind and warm care. The inside with velvet thickness is also very good, and it also has good warmth, which brings a comfortable dressing experience to the baby.


Winter 2019 New 10 Girls Long Tube Snow Boots Pluffy Warm and Thicker 12 Mid -Big Boat 13 Martin Boots 15 years old

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