How can there be no sweater in the winter?


In the blink of an eye to the winter solstice, the wet cold in the south began to spread.

The last issue introduced the jacket as an article. Many people say that fashion is fashionable, but there is no comfort at all, and the warmth is not enough.

Is there any more comfortable, warm and versatile inside? Let’s take a look at this youthful vitality-hooded sweater.

When the hooded sweater is used as an interior, it can be paired with almost all types of coats.

With a casual jacket, it is a handsome male style:


With a denim jacket, it can neutralize the toughness of denim and make the shape more daily.


Similarly, with a stronger leather jacket, the whole can make the overall softer. Leather is not a jacket that everyone can hold. Generally, talents with fierce facial lines are relatively easy to control.


So if people who are not cool enough want to wear leather clothes, they can use the leisure feeling of a hooded sweater to press the cool feeling of the leather jacket, and the feeling of wearing it will be more appropriate to their own aura.




Du Jiang also worn like this, but because he has the blessing of boots and sunglasses, the overall effect is still cool.




Among the stars like to use the hooded sweater inside, there are not a few. Chen Kun is used to wear a light -core pellet jacket. Jin Dong is used to use a windproof jacket. It is very young and very vibrant.

Chen Kun

Jin Dong


In addition to the partial leisure and stylish method just mentioned, it can also be used to wear a coat with a strong sense of formal sense to avoid wearing a coat to wear old -fashioned troubles.

A blogger abroad likes to use a hooded sweater to increase the sense of styling. Basically, various coats have been matched by him:

Ins @ justusf_hansen


He also has a tips to use the shirt as a base to increase the overall sense of layering.

You even get a tie to increase the highlights, and then you can use jeans and jeans to be outstanding:

With a suit suit, it will not seem to be disobedient, but the casual sense is presented very well:

If you want to keep warm, you can also hide a high -necked sweater in the sweater.

Finally, when choosing a sweater with inner, it is best to choose a relatively wide collar. It is better to get half a shirt like the inner shirt below. Essence


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