What is the principle of aluminum alloy glass sliding door handle?


The installation of aluminum-alloy glass sliding door handle needs to meet our human tissue engineering to meet the business habits of enterprise users, which is convenient for use as a starting point. The door has a flat door, the sliding door, upward flip, roller blinds, vertical rises, rotation. With the development of modern technology, the decoration means has been diverse, the functions and applications of the sliding door are from the traditional plate surface to glass, fabric, rattan, aluminum alloy profile, titanium-magnesium alloy profile, from the sliding door, folding door to partition door.

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The sliding door makes the living room more light, which is simple and unrestrained in terms of segmentation, shielding. Today, today, you can install a smooth, mute, transparent, bright sliding door on the balcony, enjoy sunlight and landscape. It can be installed again through the construction simulation of the site, and then firm, beautiful, open flexible, easy to use. During the installation process, the same fan is talented, the handle should be uniform, horizontally, and the degree deviation is less than 1 mm.


If the aluminum alloy glass sliding door is selected, during the installation process, the rail box must be installed first, and the transition between the two places must be treated because the track is very pressure.

Place the orbit box size must not exceed 12 cm, the width must not exceed 9 cm, because many doors are currently about 2 meters, if it is below this range, it is easy to make people feel depressed, only enough space can be more A good installation door frame, if the track box exposes outside the appearance, then durability will be relatively poor.

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