Korean women do not show their legs in winter, and they are very fashionable to rely on trousers. Each one is beautiful


As winter arrives, many women who like to wear skirts have changed into flesh -colored light leg artifacts, so that they can “expose legs” in winter. Korean women do not show their legs in winter. The models are beautiful, I can’t find it


Suitable for your leggings,

Or a woman who doesn’t like to wear skirts, you can try Han Liu and wear it.

Trousers matching


There are so many ways to match a pair of pants.

, Matching this trousers

How much, it’s enough to pass the winter.

The introduction and matching of black trousers

There are many styles of trousers, simple and advanced black design, simple wide -leg pants gas field very high -level, hypertrophic sports pants can make the temperament and easy, and the trousers seem to look like

Cool and handsome.

There are many different pants such as flared pants and tight pants, as long as it is

Black pants made of matte fabric

Zi, the thin effect and the wild effect are good, suitable

Every woman wear.

From the perspective of matching, black pants match the most.


Many sisters will try to match the fashionable and trendy of pants, and they will try from black pants. The unique way of matching is like combining black pants and skirts, skirts and pants

The stacking method is very characteristic,

Female taste


Simply choose a dress with black wide -leg pants, which is both a Korean stream


It also combines the retro temperament of the British style. Or replace the dress with a woolen skirt, and the effect can be presented. It’s just that the length of the sub -skirt should not be too short, at least choose the style of the knee.

There are many cool pants on black pants

Matching skills, will

The pants are in the boots, which can make the gas field look unique and free. It is more advanced with a large cotton jacket.

Cool black pants can also be paired with reflective cotton clothes and leather clothes, using the cool aura with clothing to show the temperament you want. In addition, it is quite recommended that everyone with business style clothing, and the aura of black pants is particularly sanctified. It looks handsome in shopping.

The class penetration is stable and generous.

Patching and introduction of jeans

The fabric color of jeans is blue -based,

The dark blue is more handsome and generous

, Light blue more retro and gentle, can easily match the retro effect. Generally, just simply match the one

The woolen coat of the shoulder,

You can show the French effect.

However, the jeans in the Korean stream are completely different, and it will not highlight the retro model as in French wear. It is to make your clothing more fashionable and cool by matching short cotton clothes and fashionable stacking clothing. With a neutral gas field



Jeans matching

Tibetan blue trench coat,

Or the coats designed by the shoulder, they are all very aura. At the same time, the loose clothing is matched together, and there is a full

Full of laziness.

It is not recommended to choose hole pants in winter, which is not convenient to match


long johns,

It is impossible to show the stability and atmosphere of winter. The design of this detail is important.


Analysis of white pants

White pants are different from black pants

There is no tight -fitting style. Once the design of tight -fitting style is not only fat, but also easy to make the gas field greasy, but the white style of the smoke pants pants is still very


Good -looking, handsome


Qi Fan is more eye -catching without losing black.

The designed white pants are suitable for displaying literary and artistic models. When you choose a suit and sweater, you can choose a high -level temperament. But remember to match colorful accessories at this time,

Color hats or shoes

OK, it can also be a colorful bag, so as to show the cool Korean Liu Fan and show women’s

Atmosphere and handsome


Different from hypertrophic pants, hypertrophy

White pants

You have to match the thin black clothing, the cigarette pants only need to be paired with high -end handsome clothing.

, Even if it is pure white style.

However, the simple matching is not fashionable enough, and it is still matched


It can highlight the unique matching of Korean streams.

Super fertilizer

The style of sports pants is generally

Tighten pants

However, the design is not hypertrophy. I chose a sports pants with particularly hypertrophic design.

Lazy effect is more prominent

, Thin -figure people with a long black shirt at will, enlarging the lazy temperament is very good

Han Fan.

It’s just that people with a slightly fat body wearing a fat sports pants are already fat. The upper body is not fashionable with fat clothes, or it is matched with tight clothing.

The temperament is more layered.


Introduced a lot of common pants

Fashionable match


There are also some designs of the peculiar and beautiful pants to be shared. The effects of the trousers with split design are more cooler. Although it is a unique style, it is not exaggerated. With a pair of heel shoes casually, you can show your legs long

Also generous lazy effect.


Such pants are not paired with very wide shoes


very nice,

Short sisters must try it. The upper body is matched with black clothing or short clothes to show long leg effects