His energy cross -border Bruce Lee IP and settled in Huawei Mall, Danzi Group once again led the new style of Guo Chao


In the era of new consumption upgrades, the local awareness of consumer groups has gradually increased, bringing challenges to Chinese local brands, and bringing more development opportunities. Consumers in the new era will redefine consumer brands in the new era, and local brands that focus on the development of two -wheeled “quality and intelligence” can get more attention and favor.

In November 2021, his professional men’s skin care brand under the Danzi Group, and joined hands with the international kung fu superstar Li Bruce Lee IP to play a strong attack, unite

Huawei hilink

Created wisdom and comfortable quality life scene,

Let the elite men easily have neat appearance and refreshing atmosphere.

His energy co -branded Bruce Lee, and passed on the new generation of hard core self -confidence!

The energy of Chinese professional men’s skin care brands who have always been “positive energy and dare to challenge” the spirit of Chinese professional men’s skin care brands, with the self -improvement advocated by Mr. Bruce Lee, not afraid of challenges, and never defeat “. People are a generation with wisdom, responsibility, confidence, and national pride. His energy and Bruce Lee, the well -known cultural symbol of Bruce Lee, are jointly cross -border. More upward power. “His person in charge of his energy brand made a brief interpretation of the IP joint cooperation.

Bruce Lee’s “Kung Fu”, from the actual combat, absorbs the strengths of various families, and creates the most effective interception; his energy “Kung Fu”, starting from the efficacy, equipped with hardcore technology with hardcore components, and efficiently solve the efficient solution Men’s skin problems. This time, his energy is based on “good fuel control, self -confidence and energy” as the core concept, and joined hands with Bruce Lee to launch a new men’s skin care series products, accurate attacks, one trick to win, help

Leni is fast KO oil light, cool and stylish, confident!


His energy and Huawei Hilink, together to create a men’s skin care experience!

As the 5G era comes, make the product more into the mind

There are more scientific and technological integration and more innovative ultimate experience. The rapid outbreak of men’s face economy has gradually upgraded the skin care products used by men to gradually refine, specialized, and high -end. While his energy × Bruce Lee ’s cross -border official announcement, his energy also announced that he has entered the Huawei Hilink ecosystem, creating high -quality, high -intelligent, high -value skin -care products for consumers, and seamlessly connects a new experience in smart life. This time, the two star products of his energy brand and Bruce Lee, equipped with a customized elite men’s capacity set with a smart shaving knife, entered Huawei Mall during Double Eleven.

This model of his energy elite men’s capacity box, specifically targeting the skin problems of men’s water and oil imbalances, provides refreshing cleansing+shaving capacity+toner and moisturizing full set of men’s tolerance experiences, bid farewell to greasy, comprehensive cleanliness, perfect “face” problem Do it at a time. In the box, the must -have for men’s hands [His energy refreshing oil matte cleansing cream], which contains natural bamboo charcoal and kidney tea oil control essence, equipped with dual natural matte particles, can deeply clean the pores, remove old keratin, reduce blackheads, wash after washing, after washing, after washing The skin is refreshing and not tight, a cleansing paste can meet the three major effects of cleaning, oil control, and blackheads to achieve “good effort”; [his energy is cool and moisturizing essence water] Natural ingredients such as plum ingredients and soldering bean seed extracts quickly supplement the skin to the skin, which helps reduce excess oil, smooth skin, keep the water and oil balance, and make the skin a good state of moisturizing [Smart shaver] At the same time, it can meet the three types of repair needs of shaving, shaving, and hair removal. The full -wrapped skin -friendly knife net is safe and does not hurt. A variety of intelligent modes support access to the HUAWEI Hilink platform, which greatly improves smart skin care The accuracy and professionalism of tolerance.

Recently, his energy and Huawei Mall held an offline experience activity. The scene was enthusiastic. Many consumers were very interested in this HUAWEI Hilink ecological product. Offline experience, online purchase, real -time pickup shopping experience made authenticity and authenticity and Convenience realizes perfect consideration.

“Quality and Wisdom” double -wheel drive shows cultural self -confidence and brand self -confidence!

Under the new pattern, Chinese brands have created together to create their strengths, and create a better life for consumers with professional technology and transcendence, becoming an irreplaceable brand of consumers, better demonstrate national self -confidence, and strengthen domestic goods.

Professional men’s skin care domestic products brand, his energy this cross -border Bruce Lee IP, integrates the Huawei Hilink ecosystem, and settled in Huawei Mall with custom -made sets. Expand and open up a new track to help the construction of a large -scale consumer environment in China. Just as the custom -made elite men’s tolerance suit box, the eye -catching dragon -character totem, under the simple and deep, delicate texture, the matte dragon -character totem shows a very rich sense of hierarchy. At the same time, it also reflects his brand spirit of “vitality, positive energy, and dare to challenge”, which means Chinese culture and national spirit.


The rise of domestic goods must firmly strengthen cultural self -confidence, brand self -confidence, and self -confidence. Chinese brands should take the responsibility of rejuvenating domestic goods. As a new domestic brand of skin care, his latest products with energy collision with national tide culture and skin care cutting -edge technology are unveiled in Huawei Mall, from specializing in skin care products to technology skin care innovation, and casting two -wheel drive competition for “quality and wisdom” force. 【advertise】

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