After the yoga pants are out of the circle, Lululemun is on his feet again. Did you buy the ladies running today?


At the beginning of March, Lulu Le Meng launched four shoe products, namely a ladies running shoes, a lady sports shoes, a ladies training shoes, and a slippers. Among them, the first lady running shoes in March Starting from the 23rd, some offline stores and e -commerce channels in mainland China. Today, the first running shoe is officially launched on sale. What is the response of the consumer market?

Pink green color match pre -sale, store trial penetration of fire


On March 23, Lulu Le Meng’s first running shoe BLISSFEL was officially launched, with a total of 10 colors and 13 shoe codes. The official price is 1180 yuan. At present, some offline stores and e -commerce channels in mainland China are released. Essence

After 9 o’clock on March 23, the reporter from the Beijing News Shell Finance found that consumers can place an order to buy the first lady running shoes on the official WeChat Mini Program of Lululeng. Shipment before May 31, and the other 9 color schemes can be placed normally.

Pink green color running shoes show “pre -sale”. Figure/Lululeng official WeChat Mini Program screenshot

One hour after the official release, the reporter of the Beijing News Shell Finance reported on the official WeChat Mini Program of Lululeng, and 7 types of running shoes such as blue and white, white, besy, gray, black and white, black, and black Phenomenon.

Partial color lack of code. Figure/Lululeng official WeChat Mini Program screenshot

On March 22, a reporter from the Beijing News Shell Finance called Lulu Le Meng’s Beijing Blue Harbor Store. It was learned that the store only provided the first ladies running and trial service. If consumers want to buy, they also want to buy them. You need to place an order on e -commerce channels.

On the morning of March 23, a reporter from the Beijing News Shell Financial found that the advertisements outside the door and the video outside the door were related to the first lady’s running shoes. After entering the store, the clerk will enthusiastically remind “the new shoes have been on the shelves today.” In the new shoe display area, the clerk has placed all the colors of the first lady’s running shoes on the display rack. In order to facilitate consumers to try on, on the side of the display rack, the clerk also placed a common nine yards of black running shoes.

Lulu Le Meng Beijing Sanlitun Store on Sanlitun Store on Beijing. Picture/Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Wang Zhenzhen


The reporter of the Beijing News Shell Finance noticed that on the morning of working, Lulu Le Meng’s new shoe display area in Beijing Sanlitun store in Beijing, three or four clerks were surrounded by a number of consumers to consult or try new shoes. According to the clerk, the new shoes are on the shelves. Before opening the store today, there were consumers waiting in line. Some consumers even bought five pairs of new shoes at one time.

Consumers try on Lulu Le Meng new shoes. Picture/Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Wang Zhenzhen

Within an hour when the reporter entered the store, according to incomplete statistics, about 10 pairs of new shoes were sold. A “post -00s” consumers told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that since Lulu Le Meng released new shoes, he has been paying attention to his listing situation. This morning, he took his friends to the store to try on. The post -wrapping is very good, very lightweight, and a good sense of dressing. “

Lulule Mongolian Store. Picture/Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Wang Zhenzhen

The trial experience of the reporter of the Beijing News Shell Finance is similar to the consumer, but it noticed that Lulu Le Meng’s shoe code is smaller than daily. If the daily shoes are 36 yards, you should choose Lulu Le Meng’s shoes at least at least Most of the codes, if the trials are wide, the shoe code you choose is larger.


In terms of color, gray, white, blue and white and other color running shoes are more popular. In addition, the pink green color running shoes pre -sale on the applet are also placed in the store, but there are no complete code for consumers to try on. The clerk told reporters that if the official e -commerce channel shows that the color running shoes are expected to be shipped before May 31, the storefront time should not be earlier than that time.

At noon, when the reporter of the Beijing News Shell Finance was about to leave the store, consumers at the Sanlitun Store of Lulu Le Meng began to increase significantly, mainly young women, and most of them ran into new shoes trial.

Is 1180 yuan a pair of ladies running shoes, is it expensive?

Since Lululeon officially previewed shoe products, prices, styles, color matching, and dressing have become a hot spot for discussion on the brand’s consumers. Some netizens said that Lulu Le Meng’s first ladies running shoes looked at the same, the pricing was high, and other sports brands at the same price were available and technically excellent products, and they were relatively fast. There are some difficulty in running shoes with a pricing of thousands of dollars in the hands of traditional shoe brands.

According to Cheng Weixiong, an independent analyst of the shoe and clothing industry, for a pair of yoga pants, which can spend 1,000 yuan, the first lady’s running shoe pricing is 1180 yuan. Tune. “From the current point of view, the price of the first lady’s running shoes is in the pricing level of Lululeng, and it can only be regarded as a medium level.”

Lulu Le Meng told the Beijing News Shell Financial reporter that when the brand was founded, it was based on innovation, technology, materials selection, functions and details, etc., and comprehensively priced the product. The yoga pants created by proprietary fabrics and technology, although the prices are still “out” in the consumer market, the shoe series launched this time also has proprietary fabrics and technologies. According to reports, in October 2021, Lululeng disclosed the brand’s first shoe product patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Lulu Lemon said that “feeling” is the core of its shoe series. Earlier, a reporter from the Beijing News Shell Finance noticed on the social platform that many netizens said that, like yoga pants, the shoes launched by Lulu Le Meng seem to be not much different from other brands, but the consistent adjustment of this adjustment is consistently adjusted. Sexuality is to find different experiences. Whether the new shoes can match the price, and you can judge after you put on your feet.

In the Sanlitun store of Lulu Lelly, the reporter of the Beijing News Shell Finance noticed that most consumers who came to try new shoes in the store paid attention to color matching and dressing, and did not pay much attention to the price. Ms. Wang, who purchased white running shoes in the store, said: “I am very satisfied with the dressed running shoes of Lulu Le Meng. Compared with the price of yoga pants, the pricing of running shoes is within the scope of acceptance.”

Cheng Weixiong believes that Lulu Le Meng’s shoe products cannot lower the differences and grades between brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Run, and the brand’s shoe series will not be low in the future.

The Beijing News Shell Financial reporter searched on the Taobao platform and found that in recent years, the ladies running shoe running shoe “New Molic” running shoes are priced at 990 yuan to 1890 yuan, Ms. Nike running shoes is wide, down to 200 yuan, up to 1,000 yuan or even Two thousand yuan shoes are not a few.

The Beijing News Shell Financial reporter learned from Lululemun to the pricing of several other shoe products. Restfeel slippers were 520 yuan, Ms. Chargefeel’s low -top sports shoes were 1080 yuan, Ms. Chargefeel was 1180 yuan, Ms. Strongfeel training The shoes are 980 yuan.

Plan for four years for entering the shoe market

Lulu Le Meng, who started with yoga pants, seems to be a little accidental to consumers as a later person to enter the shoe market, but from the brand itself and the industry, this is just a natural category expansion.


In fact, since the entry into the market with yoga pants, Lulu Laomeng has been expanding the category to achieve the goal of “providing guests with complete wear and sports solutions from clothing, accessories to shoes.” Up to now, Lulu Lemon’s product category has expanded from the initial yoga pants to vests, sports jackets, sweatshirts, Parker coats, down jackets and other clothing, as well as accessories such as sports pockets, backpacks, gloves, hair bands, fishermen hats.

Lulu Laomon stores are on sale. Picture/Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Wang Zhenzhen

Not only that, Lululeng has also expanded from the lady’s consumer market to the men’s clothing market in recent years. Since the announcement of the expansion of men’s clothing categories in 2019, Lululeng’s men’s line has maintained a good growth momentum. In fiscal 2020, its operating income of men’s products reached 953,000 US dollars. In the research report, the first venture pointed out that the revenue of Men’s Men’s product revenue in 2017 to 2020 reached 21.9%, exceeding the growth rate of 17.2%of female products. In addition, Lululeon also launched a product line called “Selfcare” to expand the product category into the field of beauty and protection. In June 2020, Lululeng spent $ 500 million to acquire a smart fitness equipment manufacturer called Mirror.

Cheng Weixiong believes that the extension of Lulu Lelly from professional sports equipment to sports and fashion life is the rich process of category and consumption scenarios, and it is also a process of diversified improvement. It is helpful for its own profits and income growth. The reporter of the Beijing News Shell Finance noticed that with the expansion of the product category, Lulu Le Meng’s revenue growth rate increased from 13%in 2017 to 21%in 2019, and the net profit growth rate also increased from the negative number of 2017 to the 2017 to 33%in 2019.


Cheng Weixiong said that the expansion of Lululemun in the shoe category continued its category expansion routine in the field of clothing, that is, the female consumer market first expanded the male consumer market. Lulu Lemon told reporters that starting from the perspective of women’s perspectives, it is because most of the sports women’s shoes on the market are based on men’s shoes design. There are certain market opportunities.

From capturing opportunities to officially on the shelves, Lululemeng claimed that it had spent four years. The Beijing News reporter noticed that as early as August 2017, Lululeng and the Los Angeles brand APL jointly launched shoes with a price of over 200 US dollars to test the market response. In 2019, Lululeng officially stated that he entered the shoe market. At the fourth quarter of the fiscal year in fiscal year, Calvin McDonald, CEO of Lululeng, made it clear that the company would launch its own sports shoes series.

On March 9, 2022, Lulu Laomeng officially revealed four shoe products to the public. In addition to the first lady’s first ladies running shoes Blissfeel, Chargefeel sports shoes, RESTFEEL slippers, and Strongfeel training shoes will be successively. When listing, the men’s shoes series will be launched in 2023.

Entering the shoe market to impact Nike and other giants


In recent years, the market value of Lululeng has soared, breaking through the $ 40 billion mark in 2020, ranking among the international head sports brands. The industry believes that Lulu Le Meng’s marching to the shoe market will deepen its competition with sports brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Yang Dazhen, a strategic expert in China’s clothing industry, believes that, with the influence of the brand in the new generation of consumer groups, Lulu Le Meng entering the shoe market will have an impact on the shoe giants. Some analysts also pointed out that Lululeng’s community advantage in the women’s market can lay the foundation for its opening of the shoe market.

Although the industry is optimistic about the sales of Lulu Le Meng’s shoes, it also pointed out that if the brand wants to continue to make the shoe business well, it still faces many challenges, as well as the risk of the management center deviating from the core apparel business. However, Cheng Weixiong and Yang Dazhen believe that shoe categories will not shake the position of clothing as the mainstream category of Lululeng, nor will they become the main sales. In the future competition pattern, shoes also serve as the role of category supplements.

While accelerating the rich category, Lulu Lemon is also constantly increasing the Chinese market. The three major markets set by the first launch of the shoes of the shoe include the Chinese market. Lululeng told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that the Chinese market is an important growth engine for Lulu Le Meng to expand its international business. Data show that Lululeng’s sales in the Chinese market have exceeded the overall level of the international market in the past two years. Its stores in mainland China have expanded from the first direct store in 2016 to the current 71. Add 16. Some people in the industry believe that the Chinese market’s response to this shoe product is important to Lululeon.

Although Lululeon said that it will continue to invest in China and consolidate the business foundation, some analysis also pointed out that under the rise of the national tide, domestic sports brands represented by Anta, Li Ning, Tubu, etc. are in products, marketing, channels, and research and development. Investment has gradually increased, and market competitiveness is steadily increasing. Lulu Le Meng wants to win a certain market share in the Chinese sports shoes market and continue the success of yoga pants, and will face a lot of challenges.

Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Wang Zhenzhen

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