Beijing International Sound Exhibition is about to open, nearly a thousand brands have a fever audio and surrounding products debut


Beijing News (Reporter Wu Tingting) On April 30, 2021 Beijing International Sound Show will meet with the audience in Beijing Music Garden. During the event, the audience can not only enjoy the top audio of the world, but also have a multi-activity such as musicians, new product releases, record appreciation and signing, live performances, interactive experiences. Beijing International Sound Show lasted from April 30 (Friday) to May 5 (Wednesday), and 10 pm and 6 days later.

Exhibitor demonstrates the black rubber record. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo

Guest visitor black rubber record. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo

High-end audio gathering

In the Beijing Music Park, a unique red brick factory is located in the original Shuangqiao Auto Parts Factory, Gear Factory, Diesel Factory, Die Casting Factory and Automotive and Memories. It is Beijing. City sparks to improve the results of promoting improvement.

The main venue of the audio exhibition is the immersive music experience center in the park, with an area of ​​approximately 17,000 square meters, divided into five regions, respectively, audio hall, theater museum, album (black glue), portable / earphone hall, sale. All venues and exhibition halls are designed, construction and renovation, and the audience will feel the best audiovisual effect in accordance with acoustic gold proportion.


This morning, some exhibition halls in the music park have begun to exhibition. For the colorful control audience, it is possible to enjoy the high-quality professional audio. The reporter saw that a sound named “speaker” has exposed a true sound, and its appearance is a speaker shape, a big one and a small two sounds, obliquely arranged, and the red “speaker flower” is eye-catching. At the same time, there are some very retro audio, and the wood material is more in the red brick exhibition room.


In addition to the high color value, for professional audience, pay more attention to the professional quality of the audio. The reporter learned that the exhibitors of this exhibition include nearly 100 well-known audio manufacturers, agents, showing nearly 1,000 brands of fever and surrounding products.

High-end fever audio and top brands and models are the largest point of view of this sound exhibition. Six top-level listeners gather, including ATC, Quested Roger, Dynaudio Acoustics Dan, PMC, GENELEC, and Barefoot. Many Hi-Fi top brand flagship products gathered, including Acapella Akapera, Avantgarde, Blumenhofer Burmomen, etc.

The staff told meat. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo

Each booth is a concert hall

Unlike ordinary exhibitions, the exhibition hall of the sound exhibition is a very professional booth. Although these booths have been used along the red brick room, their internal structure has been specialized.

The staff told reporters that the park specialized acoustic transformation decoration in the factory, strictly followed the Hi-Fi (high-protection) and theater exhibition hall designed by acoustic gold. At the same time, a professional power and lighting system are equipped. 130 professional Hi-Fi exhibition rooms that are 40 to 200 square meters, so each showroom is a concert hall.

Nine bands live public welfare concerts

This event is not only a gathering place of equipment enthusiasts, but also a carnival for ordinary music enthusiasts. The Beijing Music Industrial Park has opened up two super-profession conference spaces for lectures and public activities. The event includes the music garden master class, the record first, new product release, the appreciation of the record and the sale, on-site performance, etc.


Among them, the famous commander Li Xin will lead the audience into the symphony, the famous singing family Wang Hongwei will communicate with the audience’s charm, and the singer Gong Linna brings a new large-scale vocal set of “China Yellow River” lectures.

On-site performances, the Asian Philharmonic Orchestra will bring a high level of classical music scene. Zhao Muyang and his band, Wang Hao Ye, Hang Cavel, Sqix Ground, Trojan, Southless, island mood, Le Tun band, and other nine well-known orchestra will come to the scene to hold a multi-game concert.

During the May 1st, the Beijing Music Industry Park will open a food square to provide all kinds of cuisine for the public.

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The 2021 Beijing International Music Industry Conference will be opened on April 30, and the Beijing International Sound Show is one of its activities.

At the end of April to October, the Beijing International Music Industry Conference will launch brand activities, series performances, exhibition exchanges, industrial incubation, and create a new business card for “music city”. At the same time, the General Assembly will pass the opening ceremony, the music corner, the industry summit, the promotion activities, the night, the Beijing International College Students’ Music Season, to create a high-standard brand activity cluster of the industry, and play the cohesive gathering function of Beijing as the National Cultural Center. .

During the Beijing International Music Industry Assembly, Beijing Music Industrial Park will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with more than 50 head record companies and hardware vendors will give full play to their respective advantages. In music production, music copyright, artists explore and cultivate, music IP depth development Original music, music performance, online K song, record issuance and other music upper and downstream areas launched a deep cooperation.

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