How to wear the autumn “Haron pants”? Teach you to choose money and match, look good and age reduction



Last few years

Harn trousers

More and more popular, no matter the thick -legged or thin leg girls, there must be a pair of Haron pants in the closet. Harn trousers

Upper width and narrow

The tailoring can hide the flesh of the lower body well. At the same time




Cool and handsome

, Make you more fashionable.

I will introduce the following today

3 types

Use them to match Harlen pants to make you tall and thin, absolutely eye -catching.

Harun pants+sweater = elegant and high -level

After the weather turns cold, a warm one


What a good choice, with one

It is almost elegant and advanced, and it is a combination of people who do not pick people.

I believe this


The Harlon pants will definitely wear the best Harlen pants in autumn and winter.





Be careful on the front side of the trouser body

Fold design

, Can quietly hide the flesh on the thigh. Very thin

Nine -point length

, Exposing a slender ankle can also show long legs.

The matching sweater is also able to hide the meat, and the corner of the sweater is stuffed into the waist of the trousers. This can not only be concave, but also

Reveal the waistline


, Don’t put on height in this way.


Self -heating fabrics are particularly hot this year, because it has it

Keep warm


Double advantage. Loose tailoring, sisters of all kinds of figures can control, especially girls with wide hips will be very suitable.


Cone effect

, Will not be too hypertrophic, don’t worry about the expansion effect.

If you choose one

Double zipper sweater

You can unlock a new way of wear, pull up the zipper of the hem, and expose the waistline. It may be a bit strange, but it is very personal. If you like it, you can try it.

Harlen pants of denim fabric


Like the black Haren pants, it has versatile attributes. Just paired with a white knitted sweater, step on your feet

canvas shoes



Lefu Shoes


Easily complete the entire shape.


For girls who are confident enough, they must have a short tight sweater, with high -waisted Haron pants, which is very long and will highlight your good proportion.

Harun pants+hoodie = youthful vitality

Hooded sweater


With the characteristics of not picking age and no body, even if you are wearing 150 pounds, it is also thin. The short design will not be as bloated as an ordinary sweater.

The sleeves are deliberately long. When the weather is cold, you can shrink your hand in your sleeves and wear the laziness you want. With this Haron pants that is not like Haron pants, it is a bit “

“The taste is quite long.



Hooded sweater


It is warmer than a sweater and more comfortable to wear. The loose hooded sweater is combined with the hidden meat pants, and you are satisfied with the thin effect.

In addition to the thin Harlen pants, the way to wear the ankle is also a good way to wear, but it is necessary to do it, so don’t show it too cold.

I call this Haron pants “”

Fashionable and weak

“Casual pants and pants are very strong

Visual contraction


The effect, the legs are straight and the legs are thin, with a pair

It will not be very abrupt.

The waist waist is loose, not only comfortable but also tolerant, with one piece


It is easy to be fashionable.

When the hooded jacket is open, the small shirt with the waist of the pants is exposed, and your body proportion can be optimized instantly.

Harun pants+small jacket = warm and fashionable


After this round of cooling, I never left a small jacket again, and the versatile of Haron pants was reflected, it could

Small incense coat



Wait for the coat to match, both warm and fashionable.


Lamb hair Xiaoxiangfeng coat worn in the shirt to wear to ensure warmth while also possess


, The shirts are only stuffed on one side, which can show long legs.

plaid shirt




The method of wearing is suitable for cities with a temperature of about 25 degrees. The length of the PP can hide the flesh well, and


Denim Harun pants

, Very suitable for pear -shaped girls.

There is also this striped small fragrant breeze jacket. It is also very good to wear black Haren pants. It has a capable temperament and is very suitable for work to wear.


Harun pants, of course and with

The most cp feels, in order to add points to the shape, I also set up


How can the sisters play this shape?

Okay, I have talked about the three ways of wear on Harun pants. What do you have to wear, you can leave a message to me ~


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Harn trousers

Upper width and narrow




canvas shoes