2017 new children’s girl leggings plus velvet thick girls wearing pants, children’s cotton pants, baby autumn and winter


Buyer 1: Sorry, I have n’t been online recently. The evaluation is late ~ The leggings are very thick, and the price is very cost -effective! The baby likes it very much. It happens to be a high boots I bought for her. Do n’t do it. The pattern above looks very foreign and playful. In short, it ’s great. I have recommended it to my friends around me.


Buyer 2: I bought a pair of Pafee’s pants before. Seeing that there were activities, I bought two more. As a result, the same code is much smaller than before. Two different flower type elasticity is also different. Little white rabbit, this pants are not very elastic. Slender children are better to wear. This elasticity with more animal avatars is greater. My daughter can’t wear it, she can only give others! Although there is a little disappointment. But buying these two pants at this price is also worth it. All five points are well received.


Buyer 3: The delivery is very fast, the logistics is also very good, and the customer service must answer. The velvet in the pink pants is very delicate. The baby can wear it in person. It can not be washed and did not fade after the water was washed.