Get it away in jeans! This year’s popular woolen coats, matching body pants, properly thin and high


In a new year, hurry up and put away your jeans. Our wardrobe needs to be injected into new vitality.

In the past year, all kinds of items have been popular: there are lazy wide -leg pants, lively sports yoga pants, and capable and neat suit pants …

But the most striking is the special and thin shape pants.

How can the existence beyond jeans? After reading the body pants matching guidelines, you will definitely be convinced by the charm of the body pants ~

<1> Give up jeans and choose body pants for the reason

(01) Soft

Body pants do not refer to a specific version, the core is its fabric. When it comes to the origin of the popular figure pants, it depends on what dancers say ~

The body pants of daily dance are the source of the current shape pants,


Usually the fabric is soft and soft, the overall is delicate and rich,

As if wearing Yun Duo on his body, he raised his hands with a fairy.

Under the contrast of light and soft shapes, jeans are slightly rough.


Jeans have a clear sense of texture, which is more casual to wear, but it is also easy to make people look too naive. The body pants can give you immortality,

Smoothless feel

You can’t help but sink.

(02) Straight tube modification body

The closest to the shape of the shape is the super popular yoga pants some time ago. Both are made of non -trace fabrics, but the shape of the shape is a relatively loose straight version, which is more obvious, and the slightly fat girls can also easily control it.

What’s more, in the cold winter, it is not realistic to wear a thin yoga pants. And there is a certain space, the light and beautiful shape pants are undoubtedly better!

(03) The same color is smooth

It is worth noting that the version of the shape pants is not completely fixed. On the basis of the most representative straight type, it is also derived from

Naturally natural wide -leg straight type, and more slim -fitting small foot pants.


The only unchanged is its smooth and natural fabric and fine and soft texture. Putting in winter, wherever you go is a landscape that cannot be ignored ~

<2> The best partner of the shape of the shape — Mao Wall coat

(01) Gray woolen coat with small area color

> Core matching skills: small -scale color embellishment and color echoing up and down


> Parallel analysis


The gray long hair coat with a gas field is equipped with a wide -leg straight -legged panties. Basic gray and black have a base effect here, making the clothing more body temperament.

The small area of ​​green on the ears, inside and handbags is the overall fashion soul.

Using the colored up and down echoing the overall matching of vitality ~

(02) Blessing of trend pattern accessories

> Core matching skills: Personal patterns with solid color shaping fashion, combining up and down width and narrowness

For sisters in the workplace, this set is a combination that must not be missed.

The mid -length haze blue hair coat makes the whole person look gentle and temperamental. Coupled with a low -key black foot -shaped panties, stepped on small incense wind high heels, instantly transformed into the workplace expert! The animal pattern handbag in the hand is the highlight. Although it is the workplace, it cannot be deadly ~

(03) Design model woolen coat with basic panties

> Core Matching Tips: Combination of Design models and basic models, combined with simplified combination

If you want to highlight personality and design characteristics, then, then

It is the best choice with basic simple items.


The body pants can be completely responsible for this!

The woolen coat is made into a very individual shawl to tailor. The combination of geometry and tassel lines is matched with the middle and long models that just cover the hips, which is super friendly to small children.

(04) Modern line combination of woolen coats and body pants

> Core matching skills: The overall lines maintain a sense of compliance, the combination of straight lines and drooping materials

The high -quality beige cashmere coat with a drooping black shape panties, the simple color can collide with the highest level of temperament.

Whether it is a coat or the shape, it maintains a straight line design from one to the end. The overall body line stretchs smoothly like flowing water.

The shape of the shape is more high and thinner to wear

(01) Matching Tips General Examine

*woolen coat

The middle length and long coats with a length of the thigh must choose a slightly loose or silhouette style.

The width of the shoulders, waist, and hips is slightly greater than 2-3cm width than itself.

As long as it is a long woolen coat, with shape pants,

Try to reveal the high waistline inward or create a high waistline through the belt.

If there is no obvious waistline,

You have to strengthen the presence of the upper body by superimposing 1-2 sense accessories, eye-catching colors, etc.


*Shape pants


The leg shape is not straight but the legs are thin, so try to choose the small -footed pants -shaped pants; the leg shape is not beautiful and the legs are thick,


The shape of the wide pants legs is the most thinner, but the width of the trousers must not exceed the shoulder width.

If the upper body is thicker, and the material of the shape pants is thin, try to

Do not need to match the corner of the clothes.

The material of the body has a certain thickness, and it has a single product to self -cultivation, and there is no obvious small belly.

You can use the jacket corner method.

Want to be more high,


You can choose more beige or other solid low purity light,

Select nine -point length in the slim pants, and expose the ankle slightly;


Loose trousers to choose long models with pointed head shoes.

Want to be thinner,

Choose more dark and dark colors,


Such as black, dark brown, dark gray,

Stay away from the material that can be reflected. Shoes are low -key, and wearing more nude colors.

(02) Matching demonstration

*1 Mao woolen pants+body pants with pointed shoes

The body pants are paired with pointed, almond -headed boots or high heels, and the overall style is more oriented to the light and cooked style.

Sigh, just like the left side, with black shape pants with the same color nude boots, capable at the atmosphere; high, a pair of beige trousers that can zoom in the shape, with pointed high heels, you can easily get it ~

*2 Mao woolen coat+body pants with round head casual shoes

And the overall design of the shape of the body and sneakers, canvas shoes with a certain blunt feeling is more casual and youthful.

Long -style shapes should be equipped with pure colors, simple casual shoes,


Use a metal chain shoulder bag to surround you; nine -point slim body pants with sneakers,

Exhausting ankle is a good way, and then wears a pair of warm middle socks in winter.

<4> Tailing

At first glance, the shape of the pants is very strange, but when you have the courage to try it once, you will be unforgettable again.

Put on a thin and beautiful shape pants, like the spring breeze, quiet as a weak willow, and the wind and elegance that can’t be covered in horizontal and vertical ~


> Parallel analysis

> Parallel analysis

> Parallel analysis