With reference to these Japanese matching, 5 jeans help you grow up and avoid weaknesses, and easily show your good figure when you go out on the street


I believe that girls have a pair of or two jeans in the wardrobe. Don’t underestimate the trousers. It can help us create a very neutral shape and choose a suitable top can also show full femininity. Many people think that jeans are only suitable for leisure, but in fact, if you want to show the fashion trend, you can also try the jeans, and you may have a completely different effect in integrating into the shape. Below these days are combined with jeans. It not only retains the simple and high -level aesthetics, but also has its own characteristics and style.

Different jeans style introduction

1. Straight jeans: straight legs straight

Straight jeans are very friendly for girls of all kinds of legs, because it can well modify the lower body lines. Even if there is a problem with the leg shape, wearing such a pair of pants will look smoother. Because the fabrics of jeans are relatively hard, if you feel that your lower body is not very thin, it is recommended to start with a straight tube design, which will be more comfortable to wear on your body.


2. Wide -legged jeans: covering meat artifact


Wide -legged jeans have been very popular in recent years, and it can show the charm of free and easy. Maybe many little fairy feels that the wide -leg design is exaggerated, it is easy to make the figure look like no curve, and it is likely to be fat on the body. In fact, you don’t have to worry about it. Wide -leg pants can not only help us have a good concave shape. As long as the upper body is paired with short clothing or the hem of the clothes is stuffed into the pants, we can outline the lines of origin.

3. denim flared pants: modify calf muscles

Some girls have slender thighs, but their calf muscles are very developed, so it is particularly difficult when choosing pants. The flared pants are tailor -made for girls of this body, which can show their legs and show their legs. And the flared pants are very feminine and agile on the body, but usually the flared pants are combined with long design, so girls who are not very high are matched with thick soles or high heels.

4. Poly -breaking jeans: Seconds become fashionable masters

The porn elements are fused in jeans, which can make jeans more street trendy. Do n’t think that the ripped jeans will look sloppy on your body. As long as you do n’t choose an exaggerated design, just the right holes will become the finishing touch in the shape. If a mature girl wants to challenge the porn jeans, it is recommended to choose a simple top of the upper body.

5. Tight -fitting jeans: essential legs essential


Tight -fitting jeans have high requirements for body figure. Generally, girls with skin -shaped skin are more favored by this style, and they feel that it can better outline the perfect figure. So when we choose jeans, we still need to match according to personal conditions. In fact, even girls with slightly straight legs can try boldly. With a pair of high boots, they can instantly modify, and jeans with high boots are full of British beauty.


Pure color top+jeans: simple and advanced

In order to pursue a sense of fashion, many little fairy likes to pile too many colors in the shape, but it is often easy to turn over and looks too complicated. The solid color top with a suitable jeans, the overall color combination is very harmonious. It is recommended that you choose a pure white top and jeans in spring, which is very high -level. And such a clothing combination will not be loud and can better show personal temperament.


The matching skills of the leg length: choose high -waisted jeans


If you want to have long legs, don’t miss such a match. High -waisted jeans can appear higher visually, so as to lengthen the leg lines. The upper body with a shirt is a very intellectual and beautiful beauty, but there are some tips for wearing such a dress. For example, stuffing under the shirt into the pants can better show the magic of high -waisted jeans.

The matching skills of the leg length:


In fact, in addition to choosing high waist styles, we can also start with some short tops with jeans. The upper and lower length can also have a magical effect of lengthening legs. You can try the more popular shirt styles, such as the design of the lower direction, not only the styling, but also visually creating a short effect.


Jeans+knitted jackets: gentle and high -level

When the temperature in spring is not very stable, the combination of knitted jackets and jeans is also very popular, which can cope with the temperature difference between morning and evening. And knitted jacket itself is more casual, which is very similar to jeans style. However, when choosing a knitted jacket, the girls who want to show the leg lines try to choose the short design as much as possible. In fact, the matching and short -term matching is suitable for various clothing combinations. Everyone can easily improve the proportion of figure.


Jeans are not only very diverse, but also their matching methods are particularly rich. In fact, as long as you spend a little bit of thought, choose the right top and start with some jeans that are suitable for you, you can also show a very fashionable side in life.

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