Wow, this is the most prominent coat of gentle men’s charm


If you want to distinguish between the classic autumn and winter jackets in winter, then wearing a camel coat is a strong measure. While creating an elegant and exquisite atmosphere, it can also highlight the charm of gentle men, which is very suitable for creating a bright and beautiful impression.

Use rich and gentle camel coats to distinguish winter men’s clothing

Domenico Jean-Frate, the director of PT Turin, chose a double belt camel coat with a black turtleneck sweater and gray checkered shorts. The camel coat creates a strong and gentle breath that the dark tone coat cannot reach, tighten the thick belt to show the masculinity. The elegant lines connect the beautiful silhouette casual pants with the brown fluffy leather boots, which complement the atmosphere of the camel coat, and the elegance is irresistible.


The combination of camel coats and white items highlights the beauty of dress.


Fortera’s Alessandro Squarzi puts a double camel long coat with white shirt and white cotton pants, emphasizing the beautiful appearance of this suit. While setting up bright brown lace -up boots to add masculinity, it has completed the coordination of many fashion people’s practice. His camel coat showed a unique style with clever colors, hiding the bitterness of adults behind the gentle back.

If you want to combine the camel coat with a beautiful casual dress, the coat is very effective.


There are many types of coats, such as Chest coats, Balt collar coats and P coats. Naturally, each style is different, and there are many ways to make full use of each style. Mr. Daniele Biajoli, who chose a rough coat from such camel coat. Speaking of him, he is called an expert in pattern X pattern modeling with vests, but this time he showed a beautiful casual dress combined with the plain single product combination with the camel coat as the main character. Among the many camel coats, wipe off the coarse coat of dressing, and create such a beautiful casual dress ◎

Use double camel coat and black suit to create fashion dressing

While emphasizing the sense of existence of camel coats, the black suit is hidden in the dying fashion winter dress. The outer frame creates a sweet and gentle elegance, while the middle axis of the outfit is full of black fashion. If you want to show the fashionable black X brown color matching with a camel coat, please refer to this match.

Paired with a double -camel coat, a flat pan

Navy blue jackets and gray casual jackets, as well as double -camel coats with masculinity. This is a camel coat to upgrade the classic business style to charm. Because the leather gloves on the coat chest are wide, it looks not ugly at all. The accent that feels good and the eyes are full. Don’t miss the color matching of camel coats and brown toes, add glory to the clever business style.


The combination of oversized camel coat and brown Galen pattern suit


Choose the most seasonal oversized camel coat, paired with a brown Galeng pattern short -bottomed suit. Converse’s All-Star Hi matches the color of the black tie and the white shirt to create a chic shape that integrates into the essence of the street. Due to the potential of camel coats, the long model below the knee will not give people a heavy feeling. It has a soft tone and brings a sense of lightness.


Insert the square vest to create depth in coordination in the camel coat summary in the gradient.


The brown Glun grid vest, located in the core of the shape, creates a sense of depth. The camel coat uses pure brown gradient color such as beige and mocha to dress fashion. In order to compare the dull colors of the underly, socks and shoes, the color of sunglasses and tie -tie -tie combined with the navy blue to create a refreshing spice. By adding strong coloring projects around the face, the styling impression of gradient summary will be fresh.

Camel coats show a mild atmosphere and elegance in winter men’s clothing.


The biggest charm of camel coat is its mildness and elegance, and it will not be lost no matter what item is matched. Especially in the beautiful dress, it has fully exerted its potential and brought the expected results to coordination. Because it is between beige and brown in color, it can be well matched with any color items. This is why camels are called iron plate colors second only to black and gray jackets.

Well, share these today, I hope to bring you some inspiration to wear, a new day, happy