This autumn is popular in Korean autumn clothing and teach you to create relaxed leisure style


This autumn is popular in Korean autumn clothing and teach you to create relaxed leisure wind (Photos)

今秋流行韩版秋装搭配 教你打造轻松休闲风

T -shirts with distinctive black and white striped elements, large round necks reveal the small black suspender inner, very personality, cotton fabric with skin -friendly texture, unique breathable effect, very refreshing and comfortable to wear, loose lines, loose lines , Give people a very relaxed casual style.

Pure color suit jacket, long lines, make the figure show tall effect, elegant color, giving people unlimited romance, three -dimensional and stiff large lapel, handsome and fashionable, slightly waist cut, let the overall presentation presentation Sleecent lines are very sexy.

今秋流行韩版秋装搭配 教你打造轻松休闲风

Pure white shirts, thin texture, very comfortable to wear, three -dimensional small round necks, and the design style of the adoption, revealing capable, a large belt design on the waist, making the waist lines more stylish.

Pure white shirts, stiff fabrics, showing a stylish and capable atmosphere, exquisite and stylish lapels, giving people a very capable feeling, the shoulder adopts the design of the cut, more handsome, very personal, fresh, fresh The color adds a romantic atmosphere.

今秋流行韩版秋装搭配 教你打造轻松休闲风

Black suit jacket, thin and thick fabric, most suitable for matching in the late summer and early autumn, fashionable colors, revealing charming sexy atmosphere, smooth lines, giving people a very relaxed casual style, stiff straight tube, showing handsomeness The capable style.

Army green vests, comfortable cotton fabrics bring people a very elegant feeling, the design of the sides of the body, revealing the cool street style, and at the same time give people a very relaxed sense of fashion. The shirt, more handsome.