Du Rongzhou’s birthday photo red sweater shows warm men’s temperament and smile, An Hu boyfriend is full


Du Rongzhou’s birthday photo smiles sunlight, red sweater shows warm male temperament


On November 18, the new generation of actors Du Rongzhou exposed a group of birthday photos.In the photo, he wore a red sweater, with sports shorts and white sneakers, with a bright smile and full of sports.The chest is embellished with a blue golden scarf, adding a sense of detail, and more warming the male temperament.It is reported that “My Love and Stars” starring Du Rongzhou will be broadcast next year. In the play, he plays Yuan Tianyao, a band of the band of love and righteousness.


An Hu exposed early winter photo, warm and healing boyfriend is full of power

Recently, An Hu exposed a group of early winter photos. Simple white T -shirts with dark knitted sweaters were cured, and the clear and gentle eyes added a few warmth to the cold early winter.